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The Art of Praying Scripture

From the desk of Lauren Palmer Is there something on your mind? A certain problem, or issue, or pain point, or dilemma that stays with you constantly? Are you without a solution? No clue how to bring the stressor to an end? Are you overwhelmed by lack of direction? I...

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Arizona Travel Diary 2019 part 2

From the desk of Lauren Palmer Hey guys! Welcome to Part 2 of my Arizona Travel Diary...where our plans take an unexpected twist! In case you missed Part 1, last month we went to Flagstaff, Arizona to visit our dear friends Jeff and Nicole. (If you didn't see Part 1...

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Peaceful Mornings

From the desk of Lauren Palmer (excerpt from my journal written in late May, 2019.) There is such promise that comes with the morning. Yesterday's distractions and irritations are left there, and the sunrise sheds light on the potential of the day ahead. Anything can...

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Summertime with Physician 360

Summertime with Physician 360

From the desk of Lauren Palmer Good morning McKinney! Today I want to visit about something that has the potential to save many stressful moments on your upcoming summer vacations. Now I know some of you are headed to exotic beaches, European villages, Disney,...

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