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From the desk of Lauren Palmer

Good morning McKinney!

Over the past few months we have had great fun exploring the lovely culinary gift store, Oil & Vinegar, located at the Shops at Legacy in Plano. First, we learned of the Oil & Vinegar concept in the article entitled Meet Oil & Vinegar. Then, in Oil & Vinegar: Favorite Pairings, I explained how to pair certain flavors to make your kitchen life simple yet flavorful.

Today I am excited to tell you of the 7 Worlds of Oil & Vinegar, and how to stock your pantry with these essentials.

Oil & Vinegar is divided into 7 different Worlds:

  • Oils & Vinegars
  • Herbs & Spices
  • Starters and Appetizers
  • Sauces & Dressings
  • Pasta & More
  • Sweet Sensations
  • Kitchen Must-haves

Friends, by combining a few favorite products from each world, you can make your cooking repertoire vast and full of flavor. This 7 World concept also makes gift-giving thoughtful and fun! Oil & Vinegar can create beautiful epicurean baskets for corporate gifts, realtor gifts and all your holiday shopping! Wouldn’t you be thrilled to receive one of these culinary delights? *NOTE all corporate gift orders must be placed by September 15th for guaranteed Christmas delivery.

The World of Herbs and Spices

This is the first world I was introduced to at Oil & Vinegar back in 2004. As a recent college graduate, living on my own for the first time, I was a hostess at heart and often invited friends over for cocktails and dinner parties. On my first visit to Oil & Vinegar, I sampled the Rosemary Dipper, and quickly felt nostalgia for the herbaceous flavors reminiscent of my beloved time spent in Italy. The Dipper comes in four different flavors: Rosemary (my favorite), Tuscan, Cheese and Sicilian. Add a few teaspoons to olive oil to make its namesake, a dipper; or be creative and use them in marinades, salad dressing, rubs, even to flavor your mayonnaise.


A similar product are the Bruschetta mixes which happen to be the most popular item in the store. They come in five different flavors, but can be purchased in a set. The dehydrated herbs and spices are transformed into a delicious dip/sauce when water and olive oil are added. A few spoonfuls taste delicious on crusty bread slices, or even with a basket of the Mini Grissini Crackers.

Lastly, you must know about the vast number of salt and pepper grinders carried at Oil & Vinegar. Keep them handy for flavoring sauces, salads, meat and even avocado toast as I do daily.


The World of Starters and Appetizers

The busy season of fall entertaining is here! Keep your pantry stocked with some of the Greek, Spanish or French olives from Oil & Vinegar. My favorite ones are from Greece and stuffed with Tzatziki sauce, but other delicious options are available: blue cheese, garlic and Kalamata. Sit them out in a bowl for guests to munch, add them to a Nicoise or Greek salad, or use them my favorite way…in a martini!


The World of Sauces and Dressings

 I know this world will hit home to so many because “grilling out” is a way of life for most Texans. The world of sauces and dressings provides delicious BBQ sauces, spice rubs, olive wood chips to add to the smoker, and my personal favorite, the Pulled Pork Sauce. Add it to your slow cooker with a pork shoulder roast, and enjoy perfect pork with smoky sweet flavor every time.

The World of Pasta and More

 One of the neatest parts of Oil & Vinegar is the selection of artisan pastas they have on hand. Colorful shapes in every size are fun for dinner, but also look beautiful in gift baskets. When picking out your holiday gifts, don’t forget to add a gourmet pasta to the mix.

Oil & Vinegar is also known for having a wonderful selection of pizza supplies, from their exclusive pizza flour, to special pizza herb mix, even a spicy Pizzolio oil to drizzle on top. Everyone knows the key to a fantastic pizza is baked into the crust, and this one doesn’t disappoint! We added cherry tomatoes and chopped bacon to ours which was tangy and hearty all at the same time. How would you top yours?

Don’t forget to impress your guests by adding the delicate flavor of truffles to just about anything. The large assortment of truffle products carried by Oil & Vinegar is vast: truffle powder, salt, pasta, carpaccio, salsa, risotto, cream sauce, black and white truffle EVOO and even truffle balsamic can elevate the elegance of your meal by adding the soft flavor of these special mushrooms. I added truffle cream and shaved truffle carpaccio to macaroni and cheese. The result was divine!


The World of Sweet Sensations

After partaking in a big meal, very rarely do guests also crave a big dessert, but instead would enjoy a small, sweet bite. To satisfy a sweet tooth, serve guests some of Oil & Vinegar’s almond cookie bites with the Ricotta Cremas. Chocolate and lemon flavors are available and pair beautifully with the soft, sweet flavor of the almond cookies.


Don’t forget to grab a bottle of the Runamok maple syrups when visiting Oil & Vinegar. Your waffles and pancakes will never taste better plus, “you’ll be surprised how delicious adding a drop or two of the Smoked Pecan Wood Maple Syrup to a finger of whisky is,” owner Cheryl Kobza told me. Talk about a fun gift!

The World of Kitchen Must-Haves

 Beautiful pottery, olive wood pieces and other kitchen essentials are also offered at Oil & Vinegar. An olive serving board and matching bowl have become a permanent fixture in my kitchen, used for serving Dippers with fruit, cheese and crackers. These are beautiful additions to kitchen décor as well as add color and interest to a gift basket.

Friends, I hope you have enjoyed learning about Oil & Vinegar and all the ways it can add to your kitchen and family’s gastronomy. Throughout the busyness of life, it is those times when we gather back around the table that souls and stomachs alike are fed. Make those meals memorable with delicious flavors from around the globe. Cheryl and crew would like to personally invite you visit Oil & Vinegar, and allow them to show you the 7 Worlds. Better yet, schedule a tasting party with your best girlfriends, Girls Night Out group, or ladies’ club! You can find Oil & Vinegar at 7140 Bishop Rd, #1122 at The Shops at Legacy or on their WEBSITEFACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM. Allow Oil & Vinegar to give you the gift of time, by making the preparation and serving of food simpler than ever imagined.

The recent births of more grandchildren and Marvin’s retirement from Boeing has brought Cheryl more joy than ever. To keep up with her busy crew, Cheryl is currently in search of the perfect new owners for Oil & Vinegar. If you are a lover of food and flavor, and are interested in learning more about purchasing Oil & Vinegar at The Shops at Legacy, please reach out to Cheryl by emailing her at this address:

 Thank you, Oil & Vinegar, for sponsoring this post.

To learn more about Lauren and The Art of Living Beautifully, please visit our ‘about’ page.

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