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Good morning McKinney!

Last month I introduced you to Cheryl and Marvin Kobza, owners of Oil & Vinegar at The Shops at Legacy. Their culinary gift store provides a unique European-inspired tasting experience to each guest that enters the flavorful haven. Luxury, epicurean staples line the walls. Spices, condiments, sauces, dip mixes, pastas are just a few of the items offered at Oil & Vinegar along with high-quality Grapeseed Oils, Olive Oils and Nut Oils and infused Vinegars all imported from Europe. I personally love visiting boutiques like Oil & Vinegar. Regardless how many laps taken around the store there is still more to see!

In celebrity chef Michael Chiarello’s book entitled Michael Chiarello’s Flavored Oils and Vinegars he states:

As a professional chef who entertains quite often, I am constantly looking for ways to wow my guests with flavor. That flavor can come from spending 12 hours in the kitchen (laboring over a multi-course menu) or it can come from using creative ingredients, highlighted in a way my guests have never imagined. The latter technique is always my preference because it allows me to concentrate on impeccable seasonal ingredients simply prepared—my signature way of cooking. And most importantly, it lets me be a guest at my own table.

His preference to make cooking simple but flavorful reflects the same objective many of us home-cooks have, yet lack the know-how to execute. How can we make the preparation of sharing of food approachable but dynamic?

An excellent place to begin is at Oil & Vinegar at The Shops at Legacy with the stunning Amphora Wall that holds the its namesake products. Creating harmonious flavors, both subtle and robust, through the combination of oils and vinegars has been a culinary technique used in kitchens the world over for millennia. A multi-tiered tasting bar allows guests to taste each and every infusion offered at the store: jalapeño, chocolate, tomato balsam, pineapple, fing…Oil & Vinegar has every flavor you can imagine. The true culinary artistry comes when Cheryl and her staff knowledgeably suggest the most flavorful pairings to complement your favorites!

A few of my favorite pairings:

You cannot imagine how delicious the combination of Watermelon Vinegar and Meyer Lemon Olive Oil tastes, especially when poured over arugula with feta cheese and large cubes of watermelon. This has become a summer staple at our house!

Shrimp tacos will blow your mind with tangy zest when first marinated in Jalapeno Olive Oil and Mango Pulp Vinegar.

Make Caprese salad a bit more substantial by combining the fresh ingredients of basil, tomato and mozzarella with bowtie pasta and a delicious oil and vinegar pairing. Tomato Balsam Vinegar and Basil Olive Oil make this summer favorite even more delicious!

The number one selling oil in the store is infused with garlic. If you are carnivore like me, brush Roasted Garlic Grapeseed Oil and Fig Vinegar over steaks while on the grill! So, much flavor!

Make a simple and exotic dinner by baking chicken with a Moroccan Grapeseed Oil and Pomegranate Vinegar glaze.

Friends, by stocking the pantry with a few favorites and some go-to flavor combinations up your sleeve, family dinners can become a simple and joyful element of life. Follow their motto of TASTE. LOVE. SHARE, and allow Oil & Vinegar to make your life simple and flavorful. You can find Oil & Vinegar on their website, Facebook and Instagram.

Thank you Oil & Vinegar for sponsoring this post.




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