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From the desk of Lauren Palmer

To The Art of Living Beautifully Readers in McKinney and beyond…

Can I make a confession? I don’t send out Christmas cards. I know. These days it’s kind of unheard of, but when Brian and I discussed it, we decided the large expense combined with time needed to order cards, coordinate clothes, and address envelopes wasn’t something that really brought us joy. And so, we scrapped Palmer family Christmas cards in 2016. As the season approaches each year, I feel another rush of relief with the knowledge that I don’t have to mess with that task, and know it was the right decision for my family.

Friends, if there is a tradition you participate in each year that is robbing you of peace, may I give you permission to scrap it? It is okay to be protective of your time and energy. Take part in traditions that truly speak to you and that make your season BRIGHT!

Does bringing down all 8 of your Christmas wreaths from the attic cause you slight anxiety? Then don’t. Not looking forward to decorating red sparkle Christmas cookies for every single family on your street. Then don’t. Does every person you consider a friend really need a holiday candle, or pair of fuzzy socks, or another Christmas ornament? Think about it. Really. Giving should be from the heart, not obligation, otherwise there’s no point. Don’t worry about what the world, or the neighbors, or Pinterest encourages you to do. Make choices that feed your soul. There are plenty of ways to bless those dear to us without making ourselves insane. Or broke!

Let’s find peace. Let’s clear out space to remember the root of this holiday. Start there and then slowly, allow the Spirit to lead us to the activities and traditions that will bless us and those around us. My team has done a wonderful job at sharing their personal knowledge of how to make Christmas peaceful. Looking for financial peace this Christmas? Lorie and Beth share felicitous gifts from the kitchen and garden made right at home. Want to scale down the decorations? Ashley shows the beauty of an outdoor Christmas tree. Not sure how to find peace? Look no further than Deanne’s inspirational feature about finding meaning in an increasingly commercial holiday.

Peace be with you and your loved ones this Christmas season.

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