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Good morning and Happy Friday to you!


Today I have partnered with my favorite specialty store on the planet, Nordstrom, to tell you all about why everyone should ask for denim for Christmas. More specifically, why Nordstrom’s denim department is so stellar.

First of all, it is important for you to understand that Nordstrom’s denim department is stocked completely with PREMIUM DENIM. What is premium denim, you ask? Well, it has to do Fit, Fabric, and Quality.

  • Fit: Crafted specifically for the body
  • Fabric: All denim is made in the US and created from Japanese, Italian or Turkish Denim.
  • Quality: They have hand finished washes and carefully placed details.

Understanding sizing and fit will definitely help when shopping. Typically when trying to understand what size you need, take your normal size (2, 4, 6, 8 etc…) and add 21 ( 2 would be 23, 4 would be 25, 6 would be 27, 8 would be 29 etc…) Premium denim will “give” but not stretch out. You should always purchase what feels comfortable as long as it doesn’t fit “big.”

Make sure you don’t wash your denim too often. Honestly, only wash your jeans when they are actually dirty, and NEVER put in the dryer; hang up or lay flat. The very first time you wash jeans, add a half a cup of white vinegar to the load in order to set the dye. This will prevent the denim from bleeding onto hands, legs and furniture etc…

Current trends in denim:

  • High Waisted which typically looks good on everyone
  • Clean and simple washes
  • Fun ankle details will continue
  • Washed out black–expect to see more of this and less of true black
  • Straight leg–cropped and ankle styles
  • Luxe details for holiday, i.e.: velvet, wax coated, laced-up romantic details

Now for a few of my favorite styles:

1.) My all time favorite brand right this second DL 1961. The Margaux Instasculpt Ankle Skinny Jeans has become a part of my daily uniform. These came with a regular hem but I cut up the bottoms for a trendy look. Cute huh? Plus y’all, these are 33% off right now!! 



With designer, Khanh Nguyen of Nha Khanh, at her Dallas Atelier

I love these jeans because they look awesome with heels, booties, or even tucked into my favorite Sorels!

2.) Speaking of cut up hemlines, this pair of gray jeans by FRAME has also been a new favorite pair. In my opinion, this line runs a bit big so go down a size (or two!) These stretch a tiny bit as you wear them…and then go back to normal size when you take them off.



Here is a pic Corrie took of my for last month’s magazine wearing my Frame jeans. Who doesn’t love the gray!!??



Not a great pic but here I am wearing the jeans with some girlfriends at our TOY-TACO Night benefitting Blue Caboose.

3.) My third favorite jeans I’m wearing right now…and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU NEEDS TO GRAB A PAIR FOR YOURSELF…are these velvet jeans by AG . These jeans fit so well, are comfortable and give a bit of extra glam to a basic sweater or silk blouse. They don’t stretch out and look fantastic after wearing them over and over again. Your holiday parties need these!


My velvet jeans are black, but these come in Blue Night, Mercury (kinda dark gray) and Deep Currant.


I’m wearing my black jeans in our pic with Santa…sorry I’m not standing, but you get the idea.

Friends, these are just a few of my favorite jeans right now, but Nordstrom has tons to keep you well dressed all winter long. If you have a chance run over to Nordstrom NorthPark, grab a warm drink at their yummy cafe and do a little denim shopping for you or someone you love. If the holidays have you out of time, stay warm on the couch and shop online. Either way, you will love giving and receiving jeans form Nordstrom this year!


Thank you Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!

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