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Happy November McKinney!

I feel like I begin each newsletter with, “Can you believe it’s (insert month)…?” but it really is remarkable how quickly time flies. Yesterday we were all hanging out at Frios Pops in the sweltering heat of the summer, and now the Christmas Shopping is about to overtake our lives. McKinney, let’s please remember to focus on what is important these next two months: faith and family being the most important, followed by making lots of memories and food. Definitely food!

November is a fantastic month in our community with so many fun events to attend on the calendar. I hope you will take look at what we have going on in our wonderful town by checking out our events calendar.

I also want to tell you a little story and invite you to an event I am hosting this month.

When James, my oldest, went to Kindergarten on the first day, my number one prayer was that he would make at least one friend that day. He is my shy one, and I was fearful he would feel alone. That afternoon when I picked him up, the very first thing he said to me was, “Mom, I made a friend!” and I felt so grateful to my Lord for hearing that prayer.

It turned out, James’s new friend was named Caleb (the same name as my youngest son) and the two have remained friends since that day. After a few weeks at school, I discovered Caleb and his older brother, Tanner, have Cystic Fibrosis, a genetic disorder creating an influx of mucus in the lungs which causes chronic illness and difficulty breathing.

Caleb and Tanner

Our time spent with Caleb and Tanner’s family has been peppered with visits to the hospital for their multiple (2-3 week) CF tune-ups each year. Y’all these boys take over 30 pills and three hours of breathing treatments a day just to stay alive. This is a serious, serious disease

Our first time visiting Caleb in the hospital, October 8, 2015


Watching the trains at Children’s

On the bus to the Pumpkin Patch in Kindergarten

First grade: visiting Tanner who was in the hospital.

Recently, Caleb and Tanner’s mother, Kiri, accepted a position as Director of Blue Caboose Foundation, a non-profit organization that benefits children with CF. On December 1st, local parents of children with CF will be invited by Blue Caboose to attend a function at Children’s Hospital in Dallas where they can “shop” for their kids for Christmas. The goal is for each family to take home two toys to give at Christmas–free of charge!

This is such a worthwhile cause. Our friends at Taco Bueno have been wonderful and are allowing us to have a TOY-TACO PARTY on November 7 to kick off the toy drive. Please join us at the Taco Bueno at 380 and Custer for dinner, and bring a toy to receive 15% off your meal! Thank you Taco Bueno!! This is a wonderful event to get kids involved and teach them about giving.


There is a Wal-Mart directly across the street from the Taco Bueno at 380 and Custer. It will be so simple to grab a toy or two, and join us for a taco. These toys will benefit kids ages 0-18, so keep that in mind while shopping. If you are unable to attend our TOY-TACO PARTY, there will be a collection box at the 380 and Custer location between November 7 and November 26. You can always drop one off later in the month…although we really hope you join us next Wednesday! Thank you again Taco Bueno for supporting this cause!!


Make it a wonderful November, McKinney!


Photo Credit: Dandelion Portraits

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