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Happy November to my people!


So I have a small confession to make that is a little bit embarrassing: I am excited about Christmas.


b31c4518c87543ab78731abe06b2ac5aThis kind of made me cringe. And then laugh out loud.

I know we still have Thanksgiving to celebrate before we even get to December, but I am feeling very much in the spirit already. Christmas presents, fire in the fire place, twinkling lights, cold weather and most importantly celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Can we all take a deep breath together right now and promise ourselves and our families to not let the Season pass us by in a frenzy? Lets focus on why we are celebrating: First, this month lets remember to be thankful for everything the Lord has blessed us. Second as we prepare for Christmas, lets remember to CELEBRATE the Season of Hope. Are you with me? I don’t want to stress about the little things this year. I want to ENJOY the Season!

This month I have some delicious recipes for you to try…one of them looks like this:

Can you say Roasted Carrots with Fig, Pomegranates and Goat Cheese? I know. They are incredible.

I also have a few fashion pieces to take you into the holidays in style. A new party dress not in the budget this year? No worries at all! My first Style Wheel look is made from pieces I already had in my closet, but re-styled for the holidays. You remember this skirt, right?


I styled it first last Fall:


 Then again in January:


and now again for the upcoming holidays:

DSC_7738(this is a shot Patrizia took of me talking to the furniture delivery people. Why is it they are an hour and a half early the one day you aren’t at home? #bloggerproblems)

Plus…its time to start thinking about your Thanksgiving Table!!! Here is a little sneak peak of mine.


Lets get excited about making our lives and the lives of those around us beautiful this month!

Happy November all.

-ciao for now-


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