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Happy Leap Day everyone and welcome to our March Newsletter.


The dichotomy of March lies within the knowledge that the temperature assures us that Winter is still here…but a glimmer of Spring-time hope shows up every now and then for some warm afternoons and a few bulbs opening from hibernation. March is a very hopeful month for me.

Easter is this month, which is a such a blessing. Lets please remember to celebrate and honor our Lord’s ultimate sacrifice. Bunnies and colorful eggs are fun and a sweet part of the celebration, however, I hope we will remember to read the crucifixion story more than once this season. You can find it in your Bible in the Gospel of John chapters 19 and 20.

john 2029

In La Cucina I’m preparing a few dishes simple enough for weeknights, but with an elegance that makes them special for Easter. First on the list? Citrus Arugula Salad with Blueberries and Goat Cheese. The peppery greens and tangy cheese are impeccable together. Cannot wait for you to try!

Citron Rocket Salad with Goat Cheese and Blueberries

For our Style Wheel Big Deal this month, we will be shifting our sights from Urban streets to…the gym. That’s right! For the first time EVER I am covering chic athleisure wear, and showing you an array of looks from…FABLETICS! Y’all, the commercials did me in. Kate Hudson looks darling and fun and beautiful and inspired, and I had to join the (non-fat) gravy train. She is what you would call ‘advertising at its best.’

My beautiful photographer Patrizia is so booked right now the ever gracious Corrie Barto agreed to fill in as the official TAOLB Photog–remember when she shot all of these last Summer.

DSC_7098    DSC_7168    DSC_7258

It is because of her talent with the camera and because I love you that I’m even willing to have pictures of myself taken in spandex and then put them on the internet…it doesn’t matter what you weigh. Spandex is just NOT flattering.

All that being said, you know how much I preach that personal appearance has soooo much to do with motivation and confidence, and that is more true than ever for me when it comes to the gym. I am not a gym rat, nor do I LOVE WORKING OUT. Barf! However, I have found that slipping on these fun little gym ensembles kind of makes me more excited about going. I don’t know why it feels good when someone says, Wow! Cute workout pants. –because they are workout pants, by definition they really aren’t cute–but these are and a complement always feels good!


Travels to South Padre Island and Scottsdale, Arizona will prompt some Spring Break style posts as well. So stay tuned to see some new ideas for those getaways both with and without the kiddos.

I also have a personal story to share with you this month that I hope will inspire you, educate you and encourage you to listen to the Lord and be brave through him. One year ago, I went in for a small “procedure” that blessedly changed my life and the lives my cousin, Laura, and her family forever. Please follow along this  month to hear both from me and Laura about our year-long journey of making her a mother using my eggs.

God is so good, friends. Let’s always remember.

-ciao for now-


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