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Hello friends!

Honestly, how is it already July? How are we already in the middle of summer 2017?

Luckily for those of us spending July in McKinney, Texas we have many events to fill our days. By the time August rolls around we will be able to look back to this month with fondness and great memories of all we experienced in our town.

A few suggestions…

  1. Definitely check out the 4th of July festivities on the downtown square. We will be watching the parade in front of Sharla’s, so stop by and say Hello if you find yourself on the square on July 4th.
  2. Gregory’s Bistro is hosting a wine dinner on July 17th…this time with a Latin American flair. I’ll be attending and publishing a write-up soon after. Call for reservations and stay tuned to learn more about Gregory’s wine dinners.
  3. ManeGait is hosting their annual Country Fair on Saturday, July 8. This will raise money for the McKinney-based NPO by providing fun for the entire family! Hope to see you in attendance.

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Have fun this month experiencing all McKinney has to offer!




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