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Good morning! I am sure I am not the first to wish you a Happy New Year, but may I wish you one anyway? Happy New Year!

Taking 10 days off to spend with my family over the Christmas holiday has left me feeling refreshed and happily anticipating all that is to come in 2018. You may notice some subtle changes at The Art of Living Beautifully; for example each month I will feature a different local artist…you read all about Andrea Holmes in November and Leslee Ortega in December, both talented painters in the McKinney Artist Scene. This month I am excited to introduce you to Wayne Batchelder, a local potter who incorporates wooden elements into his creations. I promise after reading about Wayne next Monday you will never look at a stick on the ground the same way again. I am also excited to introduce to you the McKinney Girl Travels series. Our own Resident Gardener, Beth DiGioia, invites us on her recent trip to Ireland and walks us through her favorite Irish gardens.

Lorie has a nutrient-rich, healthy recipe for us this month…one that I am actually photographing TODAY, so I’m sure some sampling will be in order; and Deanne introduces us to a new McKinney business that is exactly what is needed for a healthier YOU in 2018! Guys, what would we do without Deanne?

Before I leave you I want to share with you my word for 2018. Have you ever done this before? Instead of a New Year’s Resolution, choose a word that you want to characterize the upcoming year. In 2016 and the beginning of 2017, my word was Clarity. I actually attained the Clarity I was searching for in early-2017, so I set off making that new, clear-vision a reality for the rest of the year, and didn’t select another word. Well this year, my word is Thorough, and I feel really passionate about applying that word to all aspects of my life. Be thorough when cleaning up the kitchen (no piles of papers left on the counter!). Be thorough when getting ready for bed at the end of the day (no more heaps of clothes left on the floor!) Be thorough with TAOLB finances (balance that bank statement immediately!) If you see me not being thorough, please feel free to call me on it. 😉

Friends, may 2018 be blessed beyond measure and full of love, kindness and success!


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