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Because I am bit ready for January to be over, I am gearing up for February and giving you a leg up to start the love month inspired. February always brings me happiness for several reasons.

I love wearing red lipstick.

February is a short month.

We don’t get super “in” to Valentine’s Day, but I do like having an excuse for an extra date night.

And after all the post Christmas clean-eating, I’m finally ready for a sweet…or two!

This month on The Art of Living Beautifully we are beginning with lots of Valentine’s inspiration. Resident Chef, Lorie Fangio, is sharing with us her favorite CHOCOLATE treats, which–lucky for us–can all be found right here in McKinney! She is also sharing with us a recipe from her own site, A Taste of Paris, and y’all, it looks absolutely decadent. I think all of us will be making this for our Valentines this year.  PS. If you haven’t checked out Lorie’s new site, you must! Sign up to receive her kitchen inspiration emails while you’re there!

Our friends at Unique Unique Designs are sharing some of their favorite Valentine activities to do with friends and loved ones. (You can learn more about Unique Unique Designs by reading this post.) These ladies are so creative and I am thrilled that they will be guest blogging with us every quarter or so. Definitely head over to their Instagram page and follow all of their crazy design shenanigans.

On Monday I posted an article about Say Anything Bakery, whose Valentine’s cookies hung the moon! If you are inclined for a gift not so sweet, definitely stay tuned for my Valentine gift guide. Let’s shop in McKinney this year, friends and support all our local businesses!


hat can be found at Bay Willow Designs in downtown McKinney

These days it is very rare that I read a book that doesn’t have to do with work, ie: expanding my platform, photoshop for dummies, how to drive traffic to your blog etc… But every once in a while I will sneak in a fiction or spiritual book for fun. To be honest, I can’t do this too often or work will totally get moved to the back burner. I will be reviewing a few books for you this month, The Apple Orchard by Susan Wiggs being one of them. And y’all get this…I just discovered The Apple Orchard is the first book in a two-part series. The story doesn’t end!

I hope everyone has a wonderful month! Don’t forget to join The Art of Living Beautifully Facebook Group! We have such a fun community and are always sharing even more inspiration and behind the scenes videos.




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