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Love this pic of Patrizia's daughter playing photog with her Mommy's iPhone!

Love this pic of Patrizia’s daughter playing photog with her Mommy’s iPhone!

Good Morning and Happy December to all of you!

It’s here.

December is actually here.

Only 3 more Friday’s before Christmas!



So this month, I have some fantastic Christmas posts for you.

First, Lorie Fangio–an INCREDIBLE chef–has agreed to be a guest blogger and share one of her delicious Christmas recipes with us! Wahoo!

Lorie has a ton of titles under her belt: National Chef for Zoe’s Kitchen, reoccurring role as a Guest Chef on Good Morning Texas, Guest Chef for Oil and Vinegar, publisher of Around the Table Foodie Blog, Cooking Teacher and A Taste of Paris liaison. In fact, I’m headed to Lorie’s tonight with Sadie for a cooking class on making delicious Holiday Treats! I can’t wait!!!

Here is a sneak peak of the recipe she is sharing with us: Christmas Chocolate Bark!

chocolate bark

I’ll post the entire recipe on Thursday. Stay tuned!

Also this month, I’m bringing back The Style Wheel Big Deal! For those of you who are new to my blog, the Style Wheel Big Deal is a piece of clothing I select to highlight for the month that everyone needs in their wardrobe. Then throughout the month I demonstrate various ways to style it–there is nothing worse than purchasing something you were told is a must-have, then watch it hang in your closet because you have no clue how to wear it.

This month’s Style Wheel Big Deal is…


A Metallic Dress!

With so many Holiday get togethers we are attending, a metallic shift dress is a definite go-to that can truly take you from partayyyy to partayyy! Although this dress by Cupcakes and Cashmere is metallic and sparkly, the cut is very simple making it somewhat of a blank pallet when it comes to accessorizing. Let the fun begin! Well, first get a metallic shift dress (and maybe some champagne), and then the fun can begin! 🙂

For the first time in a looooong time, I’m not hosting Chrismas dinner at my house, but do you even believe that has stopped me from setting a Christmas table. Of course not! I actually asked my favorite realtor and bestie, Jill, if I could set hers and use all her stuff because I was kind of bored with mine. She said yes!


More pictures and details to come!

So like most of you, I really do love Christmas, but I have to tell you I am having a difficult time with the boys…all they want to do is talk about toys and their Christmas Lists. All the time. Literally they speak of nothing else. Especially James. It’s difficult because both of them have birthdays in December, so a double load of presents is coming their way–and James knows it. I have really been trying to impress on them the importance of Christmas and why we celebrate, he always says I know but visions of footballs and Mine Craft continue to dance in his head.

If you have any suggestions on how to keep Jesus as the Reason…I would love to hear it. I love that he is excited about Santa Claus, but I don’t want him to filled with the wants and greed during a time when we celebrate a selfless and Holy Lord. Tips appreciated!

Happy December to all of you and I look forward to sharing all my December posts!

-ciao for now-


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