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Last month I published several recipes from my new favorite cookbook: The Real Girl’s KitchenBaked Eggs with Parmesan and Egg Salad Tartine. (Which by the way I hope you have tried! I made the baked eggs for my brother and sister-in-law and they became huge fans!!) Anyway, in that same cookbook, Hailey Duff publishes a recipe called My Favorite Green Smoothie, and I felt inspired by her to start experimenting with green smoothies full of protein to drink after I work out. Well my favorite green smoothie is filling because of the Avocado, but still refreshing because of the Cucumber and Mint. Not a bad combo.


1 cup Kale (2.9 grams protein)

1/2 Avocado (1.5 grams protein)

1/2 cup English Cucumber, sliced (> 1 gram protein)

1/4 cup Chia Seeds (12 grams protein)

3 Kiwi fruit, halved, then quartered (2.4 grams protein)

Hand full of mint leaves

2 cups Coconut Water (can use good ‘ole tap water if you don’t have Coconut)

1/2 cup ice

Combine all ingredients in a blender, VitaMix or Nutri Bullet for a post-work out smoothie.

I use three Kiwis for sweetness. If you prefer a less sweet version, using 1-2 will still give you that Kiwi flavor. Also, if you are lazy like me, don’t bother removing the skin from the Cucumber or Kiwi. You won’t even taste it once everything is blended together!!

*this recipe will make 2 smoothies (approximately 10 grams of protein in each!)

*all protein measurements are approximate

Buon Appetito!

-ciao for now-


photo credit: Patrizia Montanari

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