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Mckinney Muse

The Art of Social Media Responsibility

From the desk of Lauren Palmer~this article was originally published in the September 2019 magazine My grandmother grew up on a farm in deep East Texas that was established by my great-great-great-grandfather in 1854. They had an outhouse, drank water from a well, and...

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The Art of the Lie

From the desk of Lauren Palmer I recently began working with a life/business coach because I was feeling stuck internally, and this was greatly affecting my external world: business, relationships, work patterns etc... The program my coach teaches is based on an...

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The Art of the Crazymaker

From the desk of Lauren Palmer Recently I've begun checking books out from the library in an effort to engage in tasks that promote mindfulness as opposed to succumbing to the digital trance I often find myself in. Can I get a witness?? Last week I checked out a book...

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September Magazine 2019

From the desk of Lauren Palmer Hello to all of you! Today is the day--our September magazine has published and I CANNOT wait for you to see it. You can view it by clicking here. I want to give a quick shout out to all of the people who made this edition wonderful. My...

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This and That

From the desk of Lauren Palmer Good morning, friends! Today I have a couple of fun things to go over. First, if you haven't yet purchased your tickets to the Downton Abbey movie premiere hosted by TAOLB, there are a few tickets left. Now listen, I know when you see...

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