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From the desk of Lauren Palmer

Good morning my friends!

I hope each of you had a lovely weekend and Mother’s Day celebration. We enjoyed the beautiful weather by heading to the Farmers Market on Saturday morning, a routine that feels almost medicinal to me. If you have never visited our local Farmers Market, you can read more about it here–when Chef Robert Lyford, founder of Patina Green, took me on a tour and taught me how to Shop Like a Chef.


Then yesterday we met my parents and my in-laws for lunch at Rick’s Chophouse which was an incredible treat to be out. Everyone was masked, and we sat 6′ apart…our party had to be sat at 2 tables of four to meet the safety guidelines…but the food was delicious, and the experience of being in a restaurant again was a novelty.

My experience as a mother has been a blessed one. I was able to conceive easily. I had easy, healthy pregnancies and deliveries. My children are well-adjusted, happy kiddos with no ongoing medical conditions or learning differences that we have to navigate. My job allows the flexibility to attend functions at school and their extra-curricular activities. They are close brothers and love eachother. They have a wonderful role model in their father. Thus far, they are comfortable talking with me about “stuff.” The other night, James asked how you get a girlfriend. Brian looked stunned and lost. I smiled and explained.

Regardless of all this, motherhood has never felt easy to me. The responsibility we shoulder for raising a human that will be beneficial to the rest of the world has overwhelmed me since they were born. It is built into every second of our lives, even when they are at school (back when they went to school), even when we are asleep, the responsibility for them remains.  But we rely on our tremendous amount of love for them to be the strength behind each day, which I guess is the fuel behind motherhood: a tremendous amount of love. Love is how and why we do it all, because we love them.

Moms-thank you for all your love!




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