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From the desk of Lauren Palmer


Each year when fall arrives and my Littles are back in the classroom, I like to look at the new school year as a January 1st, Take 2. With lax summer days behind me (no longer able to interfere with goal-setting), this is the perfect time to adopt lifestyle changes and healthy habits that will bring physical, mental, and emotional benefits. While looking to make the second “January 1st” as impactful as the first one, I was fortunate to stumble across Kathy Todryk, Health Coach for Optavia, at the McKinney Chamber of Commerce LINKS Breakfast. We scheduled a time in mid-summer to sit down together and talk at length about her journey and her mission through Optavia. I was also interested in how her faith in God and desire to serve Him fit so well with Optavia’s mission to get America healthy: bodies and souls.

Kathy and her husband Mike moved to McKinney from Illinois in the Spring of 2014 to be closer to family and enjoy the grandkids. “We had always been involved in our church and mission work in Illinois, but neither of us were really sure where to be involved here,” Kathy explained. The Todryks went about life, enjoying McKinney and the surrounding communities, waiting for the Lord to show them where to serve.

When Mike struggled with losing a post-move weight-gain, Kathy sadly watched him deal with low self-esteem and poor health. She was sympathetic, “Why couldn’t he lose the weight when he was exercising more and eating less? It really didn’t make sense.” The weight gain affected all aspects of his life; he had difficulty sleeping, acid reflux, bouts of hypoglycemia. Overall, he felt dumpy, hungry, and frustrated. His circumstances changed after running across a “before and after” picture on Facebook: it was Pastor Dan (their former pastor in Illinois) and he had recently lost 80 pounds. Mike investigated and learned about Optavia from Pastor Dan himself. He signed up for the program that day.

Optavia – which Kathy now describes as fool-proof – is not a diet, but a program designed to create optimal health through habit change; one of the side effects happens to be weight-loss. As Pastor Dan coached Mike through the program, not only did Kathy watch him lose the extra pounds, she also saw:

  • increased energy
  • decreased cholesterol levels
  • improved sleep habits

Perhaps most remarkable was his renewed sense of confidence – something she hadn’t seen in Mike for many months. All of these changes were a result of Optavia. Kathy was impressed and sent several friends interested in the program to Pastor Dan for coaching.

Although she initially declined to become a Health Coach herself, Kathy believes the Lord woke her up at 3 AM and led her to watch an Optavia video that Pastor Dan had sent her months prior. She learned the program consists of four components:

  1. Habits of Health
  2. Community of Support
  3. Health Coaching
  4. Scientifically-based nutrition.

At that moment she realized this was the mission she had been looking for: “Becoming a Health Coach with Optavia has been a wonderful way for me to share my faith and to give others hope.”

Stay tuned next week as Kathy takes us inside the Optavia, and helps us to understand what this fool-proof program entails. If you struggle with unhealthy habits, low self-esteem related to health, or are just curious about Optavia you will not want to miss this!




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