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Friends, today I am absolutely thrilled to introduce you to an incredible service that every single person in McKinney needs in their lives. I am pleased to present Jackie Olson and her small business, Bee Organized.

Jackie, her husband, and their three girls lived in McKinney for 11 years before moving closer to the girls’ school in Dallas, but she remains devoted to McKinney and the friendships she made while living here. When she reached out to me and shared her story, I knew The Art of Living Beautifully readers HAD to hear about Bee Organized!

Jackie was introduced to Bee Organized in 2017 when a friend who lived a few states away kept posting on Facebook about the incredible changes Bee Organized made in her home. She investigated and immediately connected with the mission and the brand, eventually meeting with the owners to learn more about the operation. Just 4 short months later, Jackie purchased and opened the very first Bee Organized franchise; she was excited to serve the residents of North Texas – including those of us that live in McKinney.

Jackie and her “Bees” work 6 days a week from 9-3 although hours are always flexible to meet client needs. The Bees are women of various ages and life stages: some are retired and enjoy part-time work to keep busy, others are moms who have school-aged children at home and want to help pay bills or even earn extra spending money. All of them enjoy working for Bee Organized! They approach each project with clear heads and non-judgmental hearts, understanding that the busyness of life leads to chaos which can often cause disorganization and messes. “We want to give our clients a peaceful haven to come home to,” Jackie told me, “and we work to help them learn what triggers and habits can be avoided in the future to keep them from becoming disorganized again. We want these changes to last forever.”

The process begins with helping clients understand their relationship with “stuff”. Clients learn to classify themselves as: The Space Giver, The Memory Keeper, The Money Minded, The Just-in-Caser, The Acquirer, or the Crammer-Jammer-Stacker. (I don’t know about you, but I can identify a little with all six personalities!) The Power Purge comes next and Jackie asks three questions:

Does this item make you happy?

Is this item useful now or in the near future?

Is this item valuable or irreplaceable?

This system allows Jackie and the Bees to efficiently and responsibly declutter and organize the space, allowing for fresh energy to enter the home. Couldn’t we all use a dose of fresh energy?

Clients of Bee Organized have various needs. “The other day a young twenty-something hired us because she never really learned to clean up after herself growing up and her apartment had become a disorganized mess,” Jackie explained. “She was absolutely ecstatic by what the Bees and I were able to do, and has been determined to keep it that way!” Bee Organized also serves clients by helping them unpack and organize after moves, closet clean-outs, pantry and craft-room configurations, and garage disaster relief. Bee Organized even helps get homes ready to show before they go on the market! Offices, bedrooms, attics – the Bees can bring peace and order to every space in your home. Friends, the “Before and After” pictures I saw were gorgeous!

Me with Jackie (right) and Sam, one of her Bees

In the interest of experiencing a little “Before and After” myself, Jackie and one of her Bees came to our home and organized the little office area between James and Caleb’s rooms. Let me be perfectly clear with you – until Bee Organized entered our home, this area only existed to serve as a giant built-in catchall for ALL kid-related junk. This included paper, markers, stickers, paper, art projects made of paper, erasers, journals full of paper, paper, batteries, coloring books, and more paper!! There was no rhyme or reason to the storage. Throughout the year, the boys’ desks became more and more hideous. The Bees arrived at 8:30 AM, brought in a few bags of organization paraphernalia, and then left 2.5 hours later leaving behind a beautiful space. They even took all the trash (accumulated during the project) with them. They didn’t leave ANYTHING behind for me to deal with!


During their time in my house, they cleaned out each and every cabinet and drawer, wiped them clean, organized the items into labeled bins, and removed all the price tags and marketing stickers (this one thing alone is so valuable for one’s sanity!). The Bees even brought in sturdy little chairs for the boys to use when sitting at their desks. (I know. We’ve been in this house for four years and I had never purchased desk chairs!) Prior to the visit, Jackie asked what sports or characters the kids were interested in. On organization day, they brought each of my boys a framed picture to hang over their desks: a Spiderman for Caleb and a Real Madrid poster for James. Bee Organized pays such attention to detail, working hard to make the space yours!



Friends, if you have a mess, a disorganized room, or feel overwhelmed in your situation, please reach out to Bee Organized and allow them to make your life a little easier. You will love having Jackie and her Bees in your home. You can find Bee Organized by visiting them on their Facebook page, on Instagram, or on their website.

Thank you Bee Organized for sponsoring this post.


According to the World Watch Institute, 12% of the world’s population lives in the United States and Western Europe and accounts for 60% of private consumption spending. On the other hand, ⅓ of the world’s population lives in Asia and Africa, and they only account for 3.2% of private consumer spending. This tells us that Americans significantly over-value stuff! Especially considering homes are over 40% larger now than they were in 1975 and stuff has become a lot less expensive.


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