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Now that The new Art of Living Beautifully website is complete, I want to share with you one of my favorite features: The McKinney Map.

On the top menu of our homepage, you will find a tab labeled MAP.  When the MAP tab is clicked, I am pleased to offer you a custom map of McKinney, Texas complete with all our favorite landmarks!

Want to hear a little story?

After taking a beginner calligraphy class at Ettiene Market earlier this spring, I began following my instructor, Heather Bloem of Design Roots, on Instagram, and noticed a beautiful map she had created for a wedding. After seeing the map, it took only a few minutes to open a new email and send Heather a note begging her to design one for The Art of Living Beautifully. Luckily…she said YES!

I sent her the jpg of my logo as well as a little sketch (below) of what landmarks I wanted to include…

And this is the ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS MAP she created:

Visit the MAP tab on the homepage to visit various places all over McKinney! Whenever I feature a McKinney business, event or NPO I will include a new pin  on the map to mark its location. When the  is clicked, it will direct you to the article I have written about that particular place. Then if the map featured within the article is clicked, you will be directed to Google Maps and step by step directions! Is this not perfect…especially when browsing on your iPhone? The Art of Living Beautifully can direct you wherever you need to go!

Want to know some other fantastic news? If you love our custom McKinney Map as much as we do, they are available for purchase! An 8″x10″ map printed on heavy cream card stock is only $20! Not only will the McKinney Map add charm to your own home, it is also a wonderful welcome/moving away gift for new or past McKinney residents.

Click here to purchase your McKinney Map! (It will direct you to Heather’s website.)

I hope you enjoy the new McKinney Map feature of The Art of Living Beautifully…and especially hope it will lead you to some unknown McKinney treasures.

PS: If you are needing a calligrapher or if you have ever wanted to learn calligraphy, may I suggest contacting Heather? She is a gem!








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