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from the kitchen of Lorie Fangio, Resident Chef

Basilito Cocktail


Is it cocktail time at your house?

As we say goodbye to summer, my Basilito Cocktail is the prefect libation. Cool, light and refreshing; the Basito brings herbaceous basil together with tart refreshing limes and just enough sweetness. This cocktail pairs perfectly with grilled meats and Latin flavors so let summer linger a little longer and muddle a few today!

8 fresh basil leaves

1 lime cut into wedges

4 teaspoons turbinado sugar plus more for sugared rim

4 ounces white rum

1 cup crushed ice

Club soda

Extra lime and basil for garnish

Chill 2, 8 ounce glasses.  Prepare sugar rim on glasses by first pouring a small amount of sugar into a shallow dish.  Next, run a lime wedge around the edge of each glass.  Dip the glass edge into the sugar to make an even coating on each rim.  To prepare cocktails, drop ½ of the lime wedges, 4 basil leaves and 2 teaspoons of sugar into each glass.  Using a muddler, smash the ingredients in the bottom of each glass until juices are rendered from limes and sugar is dissolving.  Add 2 ounces of rum to each glass and stir well.  Fill glasses to the rim with ice, top off with club soda and stir well.  Garnish with lime and basil and serve immediately.

Enjoy your Basilito!


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