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Hello from Hunt Street! We are so excited to be making progress on our historic home renovation in Downtown McKinney.

Since we spoke last, here, we have obtained our permit and had a very successful demo day! We removed the old carport, the garage, and a small room in the back of the house – all items that had been added on after original construction and needed to be removed. The pile of trash looked like we actually demo’d the whole neighborhood!



Unfortunately we also had to remove the precious little shed! That was a sad one to see go, but the city is requiring that we provide two covered parking spots, so we had no other option.


Let’s have a little moment of silence for her.



In the demo process, we also removed the plastic siding that was covering the original wood. Beginning this week, we will be patching some of the rotted siding and cleaning up the wood to prep it for a new coat of paint, and a new life! Which it really needs – it’s looking pretty bad.



We can only go up from here, right?!  Here are some paint options I’m considering for the exterior of the home. I’ll keep you in suspense on the final decision!



Following demo, we had foundation work done for the new addition of the home, which will house a master suite, laundry room, a sunroom, and an expansion to the kitchen. The original home was built as pier and beam with a crawl space below, so the new foundation for the add-on was also designed as pier and beam to keep the full home level.


Here are the floor plans before, and after.



This week we will be framing the addition, which is a five day process. Our framers will also be working in the existing portion of the home to open up the ceiling in what is now the “great room” to expose the vaulted shape. I am SO excited to see this portion completed! Here is a reminder of the view when you walked into the original home.




And here is the home as it sits now, with the walls removed. Just imagine when that ceiling is opened up!



I have had so much fun researching and learning about our architectural classification, Minimal Traditional. I’ve used this research to determine what modifications will be allowed on the exterior of the home that will stay true to our classification. Here are some fun old house plans I found! Although there is not much extravagance to a Minimal Traditional home, I think they are so sweet and charming. And I can’t wait to bring ours back to life!




Until next time!

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