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Good Morning McKinney!

I wanted to remind all of you that the McKinney Art Studio Tour is happening this weekend!

What is MAST, you ask?

Once a year, local artists open up their personal studios for a public glimpse! Although you can begin the tour at any studio, we suggest beginning at Heard-Craig Center for the Arts in downtown McKinney where artwork by every MAST participant will be displayed…and is for sale! Hello Christmas shopping!

“Walking into an artist’s studio gives you a much deeper understanding of what goes into the artwork. By seeing an artist’s environment, tools and materials and by learning about their inspirations and creative process, the art buyer gains insights into the artist’s work that is impossible to acquire by simply viewing art in a gallery. When you make a personal connection with an artist, you will forever have a deeper appreciation for the artwork, which becomes a part of your home.

McKinney Art Studio Tour is in its ninth year of providing the public with this rare opportunity to get a behind the scenes look at McKinney’s art community. The tour began in 2009 as a vision of local artists and teachers Sona Knox, Kerry Randol-Johnston, Lisa LaBarge and Molly Goodall. It has grown to include a wide variety of skilled artists looking to bring public awareness to the amazing collection of talent in our wonderful city.”



This year, The McKinney Art Studio Tour has gone Mobile via the guidebook app. Download this FREE APP to check out what studios are open and where they are located.





The MAST Mission

  • Enhance the art experience by introducing the public to artists and the places where they create.
  • Encourage interest in the processes, materials and ideas related to art.
  • Create a sense of community among the artists in the area.
  • Increase public awareness that art thrives in area neighborhoods, not only in designated arts districts.
  • Open artists’ studios to the public so they can see where art is created, how art is created, and how art is a vital part of life.
  • Provide an opportunity for the community to purchase original art directly from the artist.


Hope to see you there!


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