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Taken in Rome on March 11, 2008

To The Art of Living Beautifully readers in McKinney and beyond…

In January of 2003, I took the adventure of a lifetime and moved abroad to study fashion and the Italian language as an exchange student at Accademia Italiana, a prevalent fashion design school in Florence, Italy. During the six months I lived in Florence, away from my country and my norm, I was able to comprehend the actual concept of culture for the first time, by observing how the Italians live, the not-so-subtle nuances of their daily routines, and the significance they placed on flavorful gatherings with friends and family. The Italians truly know what it means to live! It was that experience that led to my love of lifestyle and culture, eventually prompting me to create this publication about said passion 11 years after my return from Florence.

Those that know me well won’t be surprised to see that I am dedicating one of my magazines to the Mediterranean and the time I spent abroad. Although I now devote my life to promoting McKinney, finding inspiration outside our city limits is something I have always encouraged my readers to do. However, for those of you who can’t hop on the next jet to Italy, you are in luck! There are lovely Italian-esque milieus in McKinney waiting to inspire you to live your best and most beautiful life. Deanne’s interview with local gourmet catering delivery company, TX Cucina Italiana, is a story I’m excited for you to read. The meals provided by these Italian immigrants turned McKinney foodies are quickly becoming weekly staples to families all over North Texas.

You will also enjoy Beth’s expertise on several levels this month through her contribution to the design of our Italian Loggia – the outdoor dining room Misti designed at my home, and Beth’s collaboration with Resident Chef Lorie Fangio. Together they are sharing a delicious dish of Italian flavor which spotlights fresh Italian vegetables, which Beth explains how to cultivate in your own summer potager garden.

TAOLB Resident Mom (my mother Sadie) is sharing her travel journal , regaling us with her time spent on the Mediterranean during her 50th wedding anniversary trip with my father. This prompted me to revisit some of my own travel journals from years past. If your daily routine has you wishing for a change in scenery and lifestyle, bring those memories to present day revisiting journals and photos from past trips. The girl in those journals may seem to exist only in a past life, but the sparkle in her eye and sense of adventure remains. Bring her to McKinney!

La vita è bella, amici.



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