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From the desk of Ashley Pate, Owner at Ashley Pate Interior Design

I love to watch a renovation project unfold and undergo a complete transformation. Watching my design come to life and creating a space that reflects my client’s personality and lifestyle is my favorite thing about being an interior designer. Masculine bathroom designs have become very popular in interior design. I recently completed a bathroom remodeling project that was designed specifically for a male in mind.

When designing a masculine bathroom less is more.

1. Keep it Simple: Black Polished Granite walls were chosen to create a simplistic yet rich statement. Dark colors tend to reveal a strong and powerful space which is perfect for a masculine bathroom.

2. Create Balance: Carrara Marble Herringbone floors are timeless and add such a great balance to the space. Selecting a dark grout color on the light marble floors accents the herringbone pattern as well as create balance with the bold wall tile.

3. Unexpected Details: A masculine look met with the geometrical design of the basket gives this man’s bathroom an unexpected detail. Adding small succulents on top of rolled towels also creates an unexpected detail in the space.

4. Statement Piece: Colorful artwork was incorporated on the grey walls to reveal my client’s personality and create an impressive statement piece. The ‘Lava Soap’ art placed above the linen cabinet is a subtle yet dramatic statement piece.

5. Accessories: A long granite countertop with double sinks allows plenty of space for accessories. I like to incorporate a clock in every master bathroom project I design. When choosing soap dispensers and decorative accessories, be sure to coordinate the colors with the overall design of the space. Placing accessories on raw wood coasters is a great way to add interest without cluttering the countertop.

Whether your bathroom is designed specifically for a male or not, adding a few masculine touches is an easy way to create a modern, sophisticated space.

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