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From the desk of Lauren Palmer

I was thinking the other day about how sad I feel for the graduates of 2020 for not getting to have their senior prom, graduation, or graduation festivities. Truly, these are the events they have been waiting and working for, probably for the past 18 years! Let’s not forgot about our High School Seniors show them some love come graduation time…which is coming up!

When it comes to graduation gifts for girls, I was looking around Karadise the other day, and saw the CUTEST cosmetics bags by a company called Makeup Junkie. Turns out this brand was featured on Shark Tank PLUS it is Texas owned, y’all! I did a little investigating and learned why these bags are so special.

First of all, the owner Meredith Jurica, designed the first Makeup Junkie bag in her kitchen when she became frustrated that makeup bags hadn’t change with the times. No longer does makeup consist of a simple compact and a lipstick. Now we have brushes, large palettes, multiple lipsticks, glosses, primers, shadows, concealers…the list goes on and on, and she couldn’t find a makeup bag to hold all of it. Meredith also wanted something that wouldn’t force her to dig and dig to find one product.

Makeup Junkie bags are designed to lay completely flat on the counter. They hold twice the number of products that a makeup bag of their same size due to the flat design. Everything is completely handmade in Conroe, Texas. The materials are eco-friendly, and the interior is waterproof. The entire bag is machine washable. Makeup Junkie Bags come in 5 different sizes and a wide variety of adorable patterns and colors. In fact, many people have begun using these as little clutch purses for a night out.

Friends, I think Makeup Junkie Bags are the perfect graduation gift! You will truly be blown away at how much each size can actually hold. Check out the wide selection at Karadise or shop online by visiting the Karadise website.

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