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From the desk of Lauren Palmer

Hey guys!

First of all I thought I would share this little gem with you. Someone posted it on Instagram and I got the best laugh.

Next I want to share with you about the little house redecoration we started back before quarantine and just now finished. Once quarantine hit we put the entire project on hold, and continued to wait throughout the summer. Once the boys went back to school we picked it back up again and I absolutely love the finished product.

When we began discussing what we wanted to do, initially I thought I just wanted some new accessories but to keep all our furniture. As we continued discussion, and brainstormed ways to make a big impact, we ended up deciding to scrap our entire dining room (which isn’t very big anyway) and make it into a music room/lounge since it connects with our bar. Brian, James, and Caleb all play the piano, and although it is fun having it in the living room, it always looked kind of squished to me, so giving it its own space was a great idea.

Initially there was a rug and dining table in there, which we moved. The dining table replaced our kitchen table, and the kitchen table somehow got moved into the game room and turned into a “gaming table.” (all the emoji eye rolls here.) We hung this NEW LIGHT from Birch Lane over the new kitchen table.

Light “Before”:

And light “After”:

In the new music room, we added two CLUB CHAIRS from Burke Decor in this beautiful Jasper color, a blonde cowhide rug, and this NEW LIGHT FIXTURE also from Burke Decor. THIS LAMP from Amazon is cool to look at, but also adds ambiance with lighting. When Brian and I first visited Napa 11 years ago, I found some placemats made of wine corks in one of the shops there. At the time, I couldn’t afford them, so I decided I would collect wine corks and try to make them myself. Well, we’ve been collecting corks ever since, and I have yet to sit down and try to make placemats. But my collection is vast, and I’ve never had a good place to display all these corks. Randomly I found these lanterns at Target by Hearth and Home, which made the perfect place for the corks. I poured all the corks in the largest lantern, and in the smaller one I added a battery operated pillar candle. These lanterns aren’t online, but I did purchase them at Target within the last month, so hopefully you can find them in store.

Here is a “Before”


And “After”:

I found this cute little Martini Table at Ballard Design. Isn’t it adorable? It’s big enough to hold one drink. Brian had a friend over last weekend, and even he loved it…although he kept calling it a “Scotch Table” instead of a Martini Table.

Our entry way basically connects to the music room, so we changed up some things in there as well. Initially, I had a buffet in the entry way. We moved that into our living room, and instead hung this gorgeous ROUND MIRROR I found at RH. Friends, this is probably my favorite thing out of everything we purchased. I LOVE this mirror! I already had these two stools, but we weren’t using them. They look cool under the mirror, but also serve as additional seating in the music room. We purchased this PENDANT LIGHT from Crate and Barrel for the entry hall.

I don’t have a great “Before” picture for the entryway. This is the best I could find.


And “After”:

The entry hall leads to a rotunda that forks into two hallways: one leads to the boys’ rooms, and the other leads to the rest of the house. I’ve never had any furniture or anything in this rotunda, so we decided to add this LEANER MIRROR also from RH as well as another, smaller cow hide. Adding the mirror to the rotunda completely opened up the space. Everything feels so much bigger now!

So guys, I have to tell you, that we could not have done any of this without the help from MacGyver for Hire. A few years ago, our sweet friend who also happens to be James’ football coach, Kevin McClure, opened a handyman company. Kevin is one of the handiest people you will ever know, which is how he came by his knick name, “MacGyver”. When we came to the part of redecorating when everything needed to be hung and the light fixtures installed, I reached out to MacGyver for Hire because Brian is so busy at work right now. I knew when he was home a huge list of honeydos was the last thing he needed to worry about–He’s a mortgage banker, so anytime there is a drop in interest rates, we basically don’t see him for like 18 months or so. 😉

Anyway, MacGyver for Hire did everything!! They installed lighting, hung mirrors, rehung a mirror when I decided it was too high (it was 110 pounds, y’all!), secured the leaner mirror to the wall with cables in case the boys ran by and swiped it, the mirror wouldn’t fall on them. They patched all the holes I made by hanging the gallery wall for the fall magazine. One day while they were here, our garage door broke and they ended up fixing that too!!! They even installed this little rack I bought at Target to hold our dust pan, sweeper, and oven towels.

Friends, if you have a list of things that need to be done around the house, please reach out to locally owned MacGyver for Hire. Truly friends, these are Godly men with integrity and tremendous skill. Kevin is the owner and Carlos is his partner. They both do a WONDERFUL job, and are even able to do complete fence rebuilds and installs. They can do anything!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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