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February is the month for chocolate and the perfect time for us to share our favorite chocolate bites with the readers of TAOLB.

Chocolate is an amazing food.  Its rich, dark, creamy texture and explosion of unmistakable flavor brings so much joy.   6 bliss-filled treats made our favorites list and the best part is you won’t have to venture past the city limits to taste them. Isn’t that why we love McKinney!?

Spread the happiness this February by sharing locally produced chocolates with the ones you love.

Peppermint Patty at Goodies Texas

Mint and chocolate just seem to go together.  Goodies Texas on the Square makes my all-time favorite peppermint patty.  This delightful candy packs a strong mint punch and has a nice thick layer of dark chocolate, just the way I like it.  Goodies is a family owned and operated business and they make all of their candy right here in town using fresh ingredients.

Chocolate Loaves from A Taste if Paris

Impossible to resist, dark a Chocolate Loaf drenched in ganache is the most perfect chocolate bite.  This not too sweet cake with its dense, moist texture topped with more chocolaty goodness will not disappoint.  This straight forward recipe can be found on my blog at A Taste of Paris and aims to satisfy any chocolate craving.  One slice is the perfect way to (start or) finish any meal.

Chocolate Bread Pudding with Bourbon Pecan Sauce at Gregory’s Bistro


When I want to sit and really enjoy dessert, Gregory’s Bistro in Adriatica is the place for me.  The Chocolate Bread Pudding with Bourbon Pecan Sauce is a new twist on an old favorite that really delivers.  The creamy texture and buttery crunchy sauce makes you keep diving in for more chocolaty goodness.

Metal Heart Shaped Serving Tray from Ambrosia

I found this adorable galvanized steel, copper trimmed tray at Ambrosia on the downtown square. Can you imagine using it to serve chocolate bonbons in all flavors?  For a precious gift, stuff the heart with chocolate treats your Valentine is sure to love.

Andy’s Chocolate Concrete with Almonds

I am truly not an ice cream person but the chocolate concrete with almonds lures me in every time.  I first discovered this delightful treat while visiting my daughter in the college years at the University of Arkansas.  I could not believe my luck when Andy’s Frozen Custard broke ground right here in McKinney.  I indulge in this cool creamy treat occasionally. It’s a good thing the location is on the opposite side of town, otherwise I might never get any work done!

French Bubbles

Bubbles are the perfect accompaniment to rich dark chocolate and no one does bubbles quite like the French.  Andy at McKinney Wine Merchant, proved to be a wonderful resource in locating a wine that would pair well with my favorite chocolates and be affordable.   The Charles Sparr Brut Rose is an effervescent wine from the Alsace region of France and boasts a velvety mouth feel and a nice yeasty finish.  This sparkling wine cannot be labeled as champagne since it is not from that region but the good news is it can be purchased for 18.99 a bottle.


For more of Lorie’s recipes, visit our McKinney Kitchens page.

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