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Friday Favorites

I’m linking up with my friend, Erika, for Friday Favorites today!

first favorite:

the Bumble Bee Picnic

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I have received so many sweet emails from you about the Bumble Bee Picnic I posted on Monday. Its the end of the Summer y’all and if you have kids and are anything like me, you have completely run out of stuff to do. Honestly, try a picnic. If its super hot where you are (like it is here–106° yesterday!) you may want to turn it into a breakfast or dinner picnic, but either way it really is a fun activity. *NOTE* Most important element for a picnic: a large tray as the centerpiece/table. Second most important element: Chocolate by Adam Turoni!

second favorite:

The Little Paris Kitchen Cookbook


Confession: I don’t actually have this book yet, but it has been ordered and I’m patiently waiting for it to arrive on my front porch.  It’s half off at Nordstrom right now (less than $18!) I had a Nordy Note for $20 and shipping is free, making my tab a whopping $0!!! You’re welcome, Brian Palmer.

I absolutely love Rachel Khoo! I was first introduced to her several years ago when she had a cooking show on BBC called The Little Paris Kitchen. She was living in Paris, and turned her kitchen into a restaurant with literally one table. It was reservation only, and people could go to her apartment and she would cook for them. She wears her hair in pinned up braids, and almost always wears red lipstick. And she can cook. And she lives in Paris. And she has incredible Parisian style which she says she finds in thrift stores.

Aghhhhh! Just stop it!

third favorite:

this button up t-shirt from Anthropologie


While shopping for Coco’s bday, I came across this t-shirt…that buttons up. What?? Like a nice t-shirt? What a fantastic invention! Because I mostly work from home, I often struggle with wanting to look presentable and wanting to feel comfortable. I certainly don’t throw on a suit and heels then walk out of my bedroom to my office to begin my work day, but I don’t want to stay in PJs all day either. This t-shirt will pair so easily with any color denim, boots and a scarf when the weather turns chilly, and the asymmetrical hem line adds an arty flair. Of course I love the black, but the tomato red and soft sky blue are lovelies as well!

fourth favorite:

The Maylee Ring from Stella and Dot

Last month at Hoopla, we had the opportunity to see a fashion show of the new Fall collection. Afterwards, Blythe Harris, our designer, came on stage and walked us through each piece of the collection. When she came to this ring, she reminded us not to forget about small pieces like the Maylee. They are fun and inexpensive and finish-the-look so easily. I have it in both gold and silver, and I wear at least one of them everyday! You can get yours here!

fifth favorite:

Passion Tango Tea with Lemonade (slightly sweetened, make it Fizzy)


 So I am not one of those “Gotta have my Starbucks…” girls. (I really wish you could see my face and hear my tone when I say that. It’s much more funny. But I imagine you get the picture.) I’ll grab a latte from there every once in a while, but for the most part I stick to the French Press at home. Well, Brian gets gift cards from Starbucks often at work, which he passes to me because he doesn’t drink caffeine. The other day I drove through and gave the Passion Tango Tea with Lemonade a try…and I love it! I’ve had two more since–thanks to whomever gives him those gift cards! I tell them to make it fizzy and to only include half the amount of “pumps” when they ask if I would like it sweetened or unsweetened.

James tried it and thought it was gross, even after I assured him it was awesome. Oops! Give it a whirl, and let me know what you think.

-ciao for now-


TAOLB pictures by Corrie Barto

PS: How did you like my Cherry Peach Galette?

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