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Hello and Happy Friday to all of you!

I am linking up with Erika to bring you my favorites from the past week…and every single one of them has to do with:


Caleb Matthew Palmer.

Caleb’s birthday was on the 27th. We spent the first part of the day traveling to the airport, catching a flight to South Padre and driving to the island.

As I have contemplated Caleb turning 5 and the things I wanted to say in this post, the part that struck me the most was the hair-brained idea Brian and I shared that we only wanted to have one child. Seriously, before we were married our pre-marital counselor suggested the two of us discuss how many children we wanted to have. Brian and I both agreed we saw ourselves having one child. James was born in 2009 and had it been left up to us, we would have remained a family of three.

Thank you God for knowing better than we do.



I got pregnant on the pill when James was 15 months old. I remember crying and feeling angry at Brian when I found it. (Sorry Babe. I’m over it now.) James was still very much a baby and I could not imagine having to split my attention between the two.

Well I will tell you now the biggest joy of my life has been to watch the relationship between my two boys develop.  I grew up basically alone because my sister and brother are thirteen and eleven years older.


James and Caleb are best friends. Of course they argue at times, but they truly love and rely on each other. They have separate rooms but choose to sleep in the same one every night. I love they will have this memory when they are older. Sometimes I stand outside their door at night and listen to them talk after we tuck them in. You know that feeling when your heart hurts in a good way…

Caleb has a heart as  big as Texas. He gives the tightest hugs, and feels distraught if he ever sees me upset. He often says I love you without prompting. He says he is proud of me sometimes…especially if I have made Shepherd’s Pie which is his all time favorite meal.

Caleb likes to have a little toy or stuffed animal in his hand at all times. Before we get in the car to go anywhere he will run grab something to take that will join him in the little imaginary world he lives in most of the time.

Caleb prefers to wear t-shirts in the winter and “down-sleeves” in the summer, and somehow always ends up in versions of those that are way too small. I am constantly having to tell him to go change and put on season-appropriate clothing that actually fit.

He is crazy. Oh so crazy! The number of  “silly face” pictures far outweigh the “good smile” ones which drove me crazy for a long time but now I just go with it. If I’m honest with myself, silly face pictures are a more accurate representation of how Caleb looks most of the time.



Thank you Jesus for Caleb Matthew Palmer. Thank you for knowing better than us and knowing exactly what we needed for or family to truly be complete. Thank you for blessing James with a little brother that will loosen him up a bit and help him break the rules every now and then.


Happy 5th birthday to my biggest Little Love.

-ciao for now-


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