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Hello to everyone this Friday morning. I am linking up with my friend Erika to bring you my favorites from this week.

first favorite:

Carriage Ride with my family

Last year I noticed we didn’t really have any Christmas Traditions as a family of 4. I have carried over several of my family’s traditions to Brian and the boys, like our Christmas Eve festivities: lox, bagels and tamales for dinner (I know it’s so random) and matching PJs, but we never really had any new ones for the 4 of us. So last December I made a reservation for us to go on a carriage ride around Highland Park-you can read about it by clicking here, and I am happy to say that this tradition carried over to this year and we had a WONDERFUL TIME!

As a way to tell them about the carriage ride, I gave the boys 2 small gifts: they each received a new ornament from me…because why not. And Sadie gave them a new hat to wear on the carriage because it was super cold!

We ate at the On the Border on Knox Street.


Then met the carriage in the parking lot and headed out to see the lights.


The homes and lights were beautiful! It was a different route than we took last year but still so spectacular.

second favorite:

Buddy the elf has returned…and so far we haven’t forgotten to move him. #parentscore

Brian and I are notorious for forgetting to move the elf each night. There have been plenty of times the boys come in to our room crying because Buddy hadn’t moved…and we have to come up with some explanation. We aren’t those amazing parents who create an entire scene each night of Buddy getting into shenanigans with the ninja turtles etc…but earlier this week I patted myself on the back for spilling the M&Ms and making it look like Buddy had made the mess. #anotherscore

On the first day that Buddy was here, James sat in the laundry room and practiced his Christmas Pageant lines for Buddy over and over and over. It melted my heart!

ps: look at that pic of the boys with Santa from 2013. They were so little!!! gah!!

third favorite:

The Best Tomato Soup Ever in The World is now even better.


Do you remember this recipe I posted two years ago for The Best Tomato Soup Ever in the World. It is a cross between Ina Garten’s recipe using saffron and orzo, and Gwyneth Paltrow’s using slow roasted tomatoes.

Well our sweet friends The Kerzie’s shared another idea with us a few weeks ago which was to add cheese tortellini. One word: INGENIOUS. This is now my new favorite way to prepare tomato soup. Absolutely fantastic! Thank you for the tip Wade and Stephanie! xo

fourth favorite:

Tiny Prints

I use Tiny Prints each year for Christmas Cards for several reasons:

1.) lots of fun designs to choose from

2.) always a great sale or coupon code

3.) one year they were late sending out my cards so they sent me a $50 voucher to use the following year on my cards–even though my cards still arrived before Christmas

4.) they print the return address and address on the envelopes for you

5.) they will even mail your cards for you at no additional charge other than the price of the stamp

Other websites may do these things as well…I have no idea, but I love using Tiny Prints! All my addresses are stored in my account and I just go through and select who I want to receive a card. I use Tiny Prints for the boys’ birthday cards as well. It makes my life sooooo much easier!

fifth favorite:

James Colin Palmer


Yesterday James turned 7. He is my most favorite of all the favorites this week and I want to wish him a Happy Birthday!

Those are my favorites this week.

Have a good one friends!

-ciao for now-


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