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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI would not consider myself a “crafty” type. I do not devote an entire room or box for Hobby Lobby Stuff, and I am lucky if I actually have pictures printed, let alone stick them into an album. However, when I do make time for a little project such as this, I really do enjoy it. I [usually] love the end result, but I also love spending time like this with my mother.

In the early summer, Sadie showed a book to me she was given several years ago called The Herbal Yearbook. The book is divided into months, and is packed with all sorts of projects, recipes and usages for every type of herb imaginable; its a way to broaden your herbal horizons throughout every month of the year. She thought it would have some good ideas for me to write about during cold winter months when Sadie’s Potting Shed is hibernating with her flowers.

It is way too hot to talk about Fall planting [which was actually on the schedule for this week] so I am writing about Lavender Sachets instead. These truly were very simple to make, and although we each made two sachets together, Sadie is planning on making another to give to her girlfriends for Christmas. Only 14 Fridays until then!!

Here is what you will need per pillow:

  • 1 vintage handkerchief, neatly pressed
  • (1) 6″ x 2″ strip of cheese cloth-or larger depending on the size of your hankie
  • needle and white thread
  • 2 tablespoons dried lavender
  • buttons/ribbons for adornment
  • hot glue gun

We both had the dried lavender we harvested at the Lavender Festival in May, and were able to use it to stuff the little pillows.

Step by step, here is how we made them:

1.) Pour lavender onto the lower middle of the strip of cheese cloth. Keep it in a small, mounded pile.

2.) Fold bottom of the strip up and over the lavender, and then continue to fold the contained lavender to the top of the strip. Basically, you are just folding the cheesecloth until the lavender is enclosed in a little square with the sides open.

3.) With a needle and white thread, sew the sides of the cheese cloth closed using a simple whip stitch. I DO NOT SEW, but trust me, this is simple.


***You can see all four of these steps in the picture at the top of the post.

4.) Place the small pillow in the center of a vintage handkerchief. At his point, you can be creative on how you fold it. I folded mine like an envelope. Sadie folded her handkerchief with purple flowers with little ‘wings’ on the side. I could go into mass detail with a ton of picture examples, but honestly, I think you can manage.

5.) After the handkerchief is folded, sew the sides together with a whip stitch.

6.) Adorn with decorative buttons and/or silk ribbons by using a needle and thread or a hot glue gun.

***If sewing really is too much for you to manage, cut a 3″ x 3″ square of cheese cloth, pour lavender in the center, and then place in the middle of the handkerchief. Gather sides and secure with a ribbon making a little pouf.

Your finished product is a sweet smelling lavender pillow. Keep them in your drawer, give them as gifts…I even love the idea of leaving one in your guest room as a gift when you have company. However you use them, I know they will be enjoyed.


I received this hankie as a party favor at a birthday tea when I was 9 years old


Sadie left little ‘wings’ on this pillow




pearl button butterflys

-ciao for now-


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