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Today is the day!!!


The KptnCook App is featuring one of my recipes. If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, click here, download for free and you will have access to their featured 30-minute, delicious, healthy, beautiful, sometimes vegan, amazing recipes. Make sure to find my recipe (it’s featured today only!)…its the one that looks like this:


Like it and save it in your recipe box!

How KptnCook works:

Everyday three new recipes are uploaded to the app complete with beautiful pictures and step-by-step directions. What’s amazing is there is even an option to select how many people you will be feeding and the ingredient measurements change accordingly. How genius is that! In the settings you can turn on your location, and KptnCook will actually locate a grocery store near you and calculate approximately what this meal will cost to purchase. Is this not insane!? You can add what recipes you like to your recipe box–which is excellent because at the end of each day, those recipes are gone and replaced with three new. Storage is free for up to 35 recipes, and then additional storage can be purchased.  I love only three recipes are featured at a time; this is much less overwhelming than Pinterest or an enormous cookbook. Everyone should get the KptnCook app Right. This. Minute.

You can find KptnCook on






Thank you everyone for supporting my recipe and the KptnCook App! Happy Tuesday!

-ciao for now-

lauren and the kptns

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