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Mckinney Kitchens

Perfect Turkey

From the kitchen of Lorie Fangio Let’s Talk Turkey and No Fail Cream Gravy Everyone wants their turkey to be the star of the Thanksgiving meal.  Most of us cook a turkey only once a year so producing a succulent, beautifully browned bird can involve some guess work. ...

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Fig + Goat BoardBox Memberships

From the desk of Lauren Palmer Good morning McKinney! Friends, back in February I introduced you to Fig + Goat, the custom charcuterie board company that delivers specialty gathering boards directly to your home. Do you remember learning about these delicious...

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McKinney Coffee Co

From the desk of Lauren Palmer “A lot can happen in 3 years. A lot.” Joy Booth, owner of McKinney Coffee Company smiled as we sat and visited about her journey to open not one, but two restaurants in McKinney since she and her family moved here in 2015. “Although I’ve...

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Hummus Trio

From the kitchen of Lorie Fangio Hummus is as much fun to make as it is to eat. The base ingredient, chickpeas, stabilizes blood sugars and helps to curb cravings. This versatile spread can be used to boost the flavor of sandwiches or as a dip with Pita Chips and...

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Dinner Party 2018

From the desk of Lauren Palmer Good morning McKinney! Last spring you will remember I hosted an event called Garden Party with the ladies of Unique Unique Design--you can read all about our fun in the May Issue of The Art of Living Beautifully Magazine. Well, after a...

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