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Kitchen Table Centerpiece

Do you ever wonder what to put on your kitchen table as a centerpiece? At our house, the kitchen, breakfast room and living room are all one big room. I like the kitchen table to look nice, but also still function as the hub of family dinners and as a homework/snack station. Years ago I purchased an oversized antique bread tray at some flea market or another, and feeling inspired by our Italian-themed May magazine, I used it as the base of my Mediterranean-inspired centerpiece.

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Olive Wood Cutting Board

Who here doesn’t love olive wood? It is so beautiful often left with organic edges and striations. Using an Olive Wood Cutting Board to add a little height and texture is simple way to create some interest in your display. Truth be told I don’t “cut” on it, but instead I sit my salt and pepper cellars on it, hand sanitizer for the kids and a ceramic pomegranate I bought in Florence.

Nickel Artichoke

Guys, I don’t where this came from, but I am a HUGE fan of fake food. I don’t know why, and I don’t know when it started, but if I see anything pertaining to fake food, I immediately gravitate towards it! That being said, I have an entire stash of fake lemons, apples, pears, and lots of artichokes! I gather them in baskets, bowls, sprinkle them around centerpieces, cluster them on shelves…anywhere I can squeeze them in around my home! I found these at Amazon to help get you started with our fake food collection:  Nickel Artichoke | Green Artichokes | Red Artichokes

Nest Candle

Nest Candles have been one of my favorites for years now, and I have many scattered around the house. Moss & Mint is a great one, especially in the summer with a really fresh smell. The kitchen table is an excellent place to have a candle. It can add a little ambiance to your dinners and provide a lovely scent to cover any kitchen mishaps.

Oil & Vinegar Decanters

I purchased these oil and vinegar decanters years ago when visiting one of my besties in San Diego, but they have the exact ones on Amazon! Brian is a big fan of oil and vinegar so we really don’t use salad dressing. Ever. I keep these decanters filled on the table. They look really pretty and are very functional.

Tidbit plates

I keep a stack of small plates on the centerpiece for us to use. Our everyday plates are up in a cabinet that is too tall for the boys to reach. Plus I work from the kitchen table, so out of laziness, it is nice to have something handy. These small tidbit plates are the perfect size to hold nuts, goldfish, a handfull of popcorn, M&Ms…whatever!

I love these salt and pepper cellars made of natural marble with embossed lids. If you choose to leave the tops off, add these tiny Olive Wood Spoons. Are they not the cutest? These cellars add interest to your centerpiece while still being very functional.

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