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From the desk of Deanne Paul, Ambassador for FOREVER®

There is no better delight on a cool morning than dreaming of the adventures sunny spring and summer days will surely bring. Sitting down to talk with Kevin Edwards, owner of Kayak McKinney was the perfect antidote to fend off any winter doldrums beginning to set in. One might think Kayak and McKinney in the same sentence is an oxymoron, but Kevin is proof that sometimes we just need to get out of our box to explore what’s right around the corner from our own backyard. Intrigued, the first question people often ask is “Where do you kayak in McKinney?” Kevin explains,

“Kayak McKinney is a call to action, not a location!”

I’ve had the opportunity to kayak along the Connecticut shoreline and am awed how the vantage point from the water can bring a new perspective. As a newly married couple living on Oahu, we had opportunities for island hop vacations where we paddled amazing places. Most memorable was on Kauai, enjoying the beauty of Fern Grotto at the fork of the Wailua River. Retreating into the beauty of nature is a sure way to lift the spirits. The great news is Kayak McKinney offers the perfect solution to kayak in a safe, personalized, and fun way right here in North Texas!

This will be Kayak McKinney’s 3rd season in operation, affording the opportunity for even beginners to enjoy a nature escape with a guide. Kevin grew up around water in St Augustine, FL, so it’s no surprise he would seek out a place of respite nearby with water as its source.  With many acres of lake and shoreline surrounding the McKinney area, Kevin has chosen Lavon Lake for its several launch points, protective buffer zone of undeveloped land, and many coves along the shoreline to paddle for a relaxing nature experience.

Each excursion is 100% guided and Kevin even has a tow on his kayak in case anyone should become fatigued and need assistance. He says this has almost never been necessary, but it alleviates any fears or apprehension for beginners who might be unsure. I assumed, like many, that kayaking requires good upper body strength and fitness. Kevin assured me that the rhythm of  “paddle, paddle, rest,” uses momentum and buoyancy for the best leisurely experience out on the water. His guideline is, “if you can ride a bike for a mile, this should be no problem at all.”


Kevin handles all the details by providing the rental and delivery of kayaks, lifejackets, and paddles. He also considers weather and wind conditions when determining the exact launch site for calm waters and protected coves to explore. There is no guesswork for you… simply show up at the designated time and location. Your group will have a 5-10 minute orientation to make sure everyone is comfortable before launching into the water.

If you enjoy (or want to try your luck at) fishing you can reserve the 3-hour guided fishing trip! In addition to the kayak rental, life jacket and guide, fishing poles, fishing tackle and bait are also included. A fishing license is required for this excursion. Any crappie or catfish you reel in are yours to keep!

Currently, Kayak McKinney can accommodate groups of up to 5, though Kevin is considering the purchase of a couple more kayaks, so stay tuned! All are 10ft sit-on-top single person kayaks. Reservation requests can be made online through the website.

Kevin will answer questions and provide more details, such as an enjoyment checklist so you know how best to prepare for your nature tour.

Grab your girlfriends, your coworkers, your spouse, or your family for a day of outdoor adventure. But who says the fun is limited to daytime? If you’re up for a sunset paddle, Kevin will arrange the launch for a beautiful and peaceful view of the sunset you won’t get anywhere else!

Okay, McKinney…. No excuses… get kayaking!

To read more about McKinney, head over to our Visit McKinney page.

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