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From the desk of Lauren Palmer

Hello and happy July to you! Can I tell you something? I think our country needs July right now. July always shows up and reminds us of the strength of the United States. Sure, there are parts of our country’s history that aren’t pretty. Mistakes have been made, alot of mistakes, but the same could be said for each of us. I’m not proud of every part of my history. I imagine you aren’t either. But my past has driven me forward. I’ve learned from it. And I continue to grow because of my past experiences, choices, mistakes and the like.

Our country is the same way, and we happen to be in a tremendous time of growth and change right now. And that makes me excited, excited to see how much we can grow if we all take responsibility for our actions and steps toward growth. I know a lot of us are ashamed of the past mistakes America has made. And I get it. Our country has made lots. But let’s allow the month of July, when we celebrate our birth, to remind us of how strong and resilient we are; how in our hearts, we have always been taught to let freedom ring and allow that truth to prompt change in our hearts and in our actions. Look at President Kennedy’s quote above and ask yourself the question, “what can I do for my country right now?”

My life coach told me this story one time when I was overwhelmed with my circumstances:

A man went to the devil and said, “I want to be a devil like you. Can I shadow you to learn how to do it?” The devil agreed and allowed the man to apprentice him for several weeks to learn how to be a devil. At the end of the apprenticeship, the devil asked the man one question to see if he was ready, “Where do we attack people to hurt them the most?” The man thought about it and didn’t know the answer. The devil answered for him, “We attack them in the past and in the future, because Jesus Christ lives in the present.”

Friends, let’s learn from the past so we can be mindful in the present. Let’s not fear the future too much, but concentrate on what we can be right now. Let’s remember the Christ is here right here, right now. Human beings are super powerful, even more so when we consciously connect with God. We need the superpower of people connected with God right now, magnifying and sharing their gifts. We need your ripple effects! Our earth and our country NEED YOU.

This month I have so many exciting things to announce on The Art of Living Beautifully, the first one which will be announced on Friday, so BE SURE TO STAY TUNED! If you haven’t yet subscribed to receive our emails, you can do so by clicking here.

Make it a wonderful and impactful July my friends.

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