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Hello and Happy July to you!


Do you want to know why today is such a great day? Well, first of all it is a wonderful day because Coco, Abby and Taylor arrive in Texas this afternoon!!!!! Wahoo!! Secondly, July is Brian’s and my birthday month. Score! Third, July is the month I get to attend Stella & Dot Hoopla–this year in Orlando–and boy am I ever EXCITED! And fourth, this month my article in Plano Profile Magazine is published in print and online! Our copy arrived in the mailbox yesterday, and I felt so much joy! I hope you like my little spread on the off-the-shoulder trend. I will delve deeper into this trend all month long right here on the blog.

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Stay tuned all month for our July Shenanigans

such as:

The 4th of July White House Cookie Kit from Trader Joe’s.wn-white-house-cookie-kit2

I bought this kit last week and have saved it for the cousins to work on this weekend. Watch my Facebook and Instagram feed for what is sure to be some memorable pix!

While we were in Oregon last month, Coco made these delicious Parmesan Zucchini Chips, and I talked her into giving me the recipe. These were simple, crunchy, flavorful, and the boys loved them!


My verse for the month comes from Matthew 14, when Jesus feeds the 5000. This story has been so impactful to me over the past few months in realizing we don’t have to perform miracles. That is the Lord’s job. It is our job, however, to bring what we do have to Him. The disciples didn’t have enough food to feed 5000 people…and what did the Lord say?

instagram-background (5)

Jesus took what the disciples had, blessed it and made a miracle. The 5 loaves and 2 fish was enough to feed everyone.

Isn’t this comforting to remember when our goals, to-do list, dreams and days are more than what we can handle? Christ invites us to bring Him our weary selves, offer Him our time and commitment and allow Him to do what He needs and wants to accomplish. I pray this verse come during a time when you are feeling overwhelmed by responsibility. Let us remember that our first priority is to love the Lord–and this means entrusting and including Him in our lives.

Happy happy happy July to you all!


-ciao for now-


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