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Hello and Happy January to each of you!


I love January.

I love that the hustle and bustle of the Holidays are over. We can return to normal…make that a new normal.


I LOVE New Year’s Goals!

January 1st is the BEST time to begin anew. New month. New Year. New plans and possibilities to better yourself, your life and the lives of those around you.

How will you better yourself? How can you live beautifully this year? What habits or skills would you like to adopt? Or leave behind?

I have several goals for 2016, however the one I’m most excited about is becoming proficient in the Italian language…again. Although I have a degree in Italian, I have done a HORRIBLE job with keeping up with it. I have finally opened up the Italian version of Rosetta Stone (that we bought 2 years ago) and am studying AT LEAST 30 minutes a day. I also told Patrizia–my photographer who is from Milan–that we will be speaking only in Italian from now on.

059ed14fe683191c3d73d2df00e33505This month’s Style Wheel Big Deal is…



This coat is the Queen of neutral outerwear. Can’t we all appreciate neutrals in January after the blinding glitter and glam of Holiday attire? Neutrals for early Spring are honestly like a calming breath, chaperoning you into your new routine with elegant style.

Whether your life takes you to dressy luncheons or to the carpool lane, this coat hits the mark every time.

Mine is from CAbi. Contact Taylor Bell if you are interested in purchasing one. Her email is Here are a few other beautiful options.

from J.Crew

from Nordstrom

from Amazon Prime

from Nordstrom  (sale)

In 2016, I will be linking my Style Wheel posts on Wednesdays to The Pleated Poppy blog for her What I Wore Wednesdays Linkup. Internet Fashionistas from all over the country link to her–it is a simple way to explore a variety of blogs and find new style inspiration.

In La Cucina this month I’ll be making comfort food fit for Game Day, starting with my very own version of Moody Chili. Last year, I posted my Father’s chili recipe he calls Moody Chili–which I love. But I felt inspired by my friend, Rebecca White from A Pleasant Little Kitchen, to come up with my own version and this recipe is what happened!


January marks my 1 year



Can you believe it? I remember how nervous I was about the decision to join: loving the product, but feeling uncomfortable with approaching people about Trunk Shows or joining the company. Could I pull it off gracefully…without looking desperate?

7d2b2db8819ad0c343d068bd913af5efWhen I first read the above statement, I thought it was uber cheesy. However after working for a year, and experiencing the benefits as well as the challenges, I COULD NOT AGREE MORE WITH THAT STATEMENT.

Truly. This is what S&D makes me want to do:

I’ll be sharing all my thoughts and career goals this month with

a Stella and Dot piece. Get excited and stay tuned!

I hope your January is as refreshing and calm and I plan on making mine.

-ciao for now-


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