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Ins and Outings: Photography lessons

So I guess its time.

After two years of blogging, I have finally decided it is time for me to understand the ins and outs of my camera and dive into some photography lessons with TAOLB’s resident photographer, Patrizia Montanari.

Patrizia and I actually met two years ago last May…when I was trying to pump up followers prior to my launch date and was hosting a giveaway for two tickets to a cooking class taught by Robert Lyford of Patina Green. Patrizia won them…and we just decided to be friends. She is talented, kind, a wonderful mother and beautiful soul. I am blessed to call her my dear friend.

We met up at Butcher Board last week for Camera Basics 101…ISO, shutter speed, aperture…y’all, it is so confusing my brain literally hurts trying to remember all the stuff plus I’m attempting to learn LIGHTROOM at the same time. #iamsoold

After a few hours of photographing sandwiches she sent me on my way with homework: practice everyday.

Here are some of the practice shots I took over the weekend.


Right before Caleb’s art lessons on Friday. Disregard the little squiggle on the bottom left hand side. That was my attempt at a watermark. (Note to self: google a video on why your Lightroom watermark looks like crap.)


Lunch with James on Friday.

Bow the daschund.

Bow, our daschund.

Leaf Bug

This bug that looks like a leaf was hanging out by our front door all weekend. I kept opening up the door to see if it was still there. It was. All weekend.

mirrorsitting room

Our bedroom and sitting room.


And Saturday was the best day because this arrived in my mailbox: COVET!



I watched The Pioneer Woman on Saturday morning, and then cooked her recipe that night. Soooo good!



Sunday morning before church I snapped a picture of my new makeup sponge. #iknow #boring




Brian came in second in a golf tournament over the weekend, so I took the boys up to the club to celebrate and have dinner. Granted I didn’t take this picture, but I did select my ISO, aperture and shutter speed. Not sure where Caleb was during this pic.

I’m sure Patrizia and I will work together again on my photography skills, but I’m super excited about taking one of her classes through the Dallas Center for Photography on The Art and Business of Food Blogging. It will be taught by Patrizia, my sweet friend Rebecca from A Pleasant Little Kitchen, and by Coryanne Ettiene who owns Etienne Market in downtown McKinney.

For information about this class, please visit

-ciao for now-


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