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Ins and Outings

Ins and Outings – The Story

When I graduated from TCU in 2004, I moved to Dallas and into the tiniest apartment known to man. In all its 600 squareView full post »

ciao for now

Hello friends. Today is the last day of February and it is also the last day I will be publishing this blog as we knowView full post »

ins and outings: the atelier

Do you have an atelier? A creative space, design studio, home office, happy place, girl’s shed…whatever youView full post »

Mad Hatter’s 2017: Under the Tuscan Sun

Years ago when I was working at Sharla’s, I heard one of my customers talking about an event in Dallas calledView full post »

The Muse

Today I write a tribute to my dear friend and faithful photographer. If you have followed The Art of LivingView full post »

entertaining and dinner parties: christmas tablescape 2016

Hello and happiest of Tuesdays to you. Before we get started with this year’s Christmas Tablescape…lets doView full post »

amazon gift guide

So yesterday I gave you a Stella & Dot Christmas Gift Guide to help cross some names off your Christmas list. TodayView full post »

Entertaining: the best silver polish ever!!!

With Thanksgiving just four days away, I imagine many of you are prepping for entertaining guests and feeding anView full post »

entertaining: thanksgiving tablescape 2016

This year for a slight change of tablescape (and logistical) pace, my family is celebrating a toned-down Thanksgiving.View full post »

napa valley love

Greetings to all of you on the brisk November morning. I am linking up with my friend Erika to bring you my favoritesView full post »

Entertaining and Dinner Parties: The Witch’s Brunch 2016

Well, Saturday marked my 6th annual Witch’s Brunch and as usual it was a wonderful success! If you are new theView full post »

Friday Favorites: 10.7.16

I’m linking up with my friend Erika to bring you my top 5 favorites from the week! first favorite: My militaryView full post »

Cool Stuff I Found at Sam’s 10.04.16

I checked last night and realized it has been almost a year since I posted about all of my findings at our favoriteView full post »

Ins and Outings: Photography lessons

So I guess its time. After two years of blogging, I have finally decided it is time for me to understand the ins andView full post »

TAOLB Social Media

Good morning dear ones and Happy Happy Monday! The Palmers have survived James Palmer’s second week of firstView full post »

Our Oregon Adventure

When my sister, Courtney, and her family moved from San Antonio to Ashland, Oregon in the late Summer of 2014, it neverView full post »

The Spill: What’s in my Beach/Travel Bag

Hello and welcome to another addition of The Spill–inspired by Ivanka Trump’s regular series focused onView full post »

The Spill: What’s inside my handbag?

One of my favorite emails to receive each week is called The Spill, from I love this gal!! She isView full post »

Fashion: #springbreaksuitcase

I wanted to send you a quick little shopping post to use as a guide for any of your upcoming Spring trips. As you knowView full post »

Spring Break Essentials

Tomorrow I’m taking the boys to South Padre Island for Spring Break, and packing of course has been on my mind. IView full post »

Tablescapes and Dinnerparties: Galentine’s Coffee

Can I be honest with you? Although the inspiration for this tablescape was identified weeks ago, this post snuck up onView full post »

Stella and Dot: 1 Year In

I kind of remember the first time Amanda called and asked me if I was interested in becoming a Stylist with Stella andView full post »

Merry Christmas 2015!

To you and yours from me and mine, we wish you a -ciao for now e buon natale- lauren ShareView full post »

Entertaining and Dinner Parties: PFC

I mentioned last week on my Friday Favorites that I was hosting a family Christmas Party on Saturday and wouldView full post »

Entertaining and Dinner Parties: Christmas Tablescape 2015

Good morning and Happy Monday to you all! Before I get started on my Christmas Tablescape, I wanted to tell all of youView full post »

Thanksgiving Inspiration

One second post in case you are lacking inspiration for tomorrow’s festivities. Still working on setting yourView full post »

Christmas Gift Guide 2015

Happy Monday everyone! Thanksgiving is just a few days away which means FOUR FRIDAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS! To help you getView full post »

entertaining and dinner parties: The thanksgiving table 2015

The Thanksgiving Table is by far the most important table we set all year because it is the only holiday that is quiteView full post »

Faux Fur at Restoration Hardware

Good morning everybody and Happy Wednesday! I want to share with you a few gift ideas for the upcoming season, butView full post »

Cool Stuff I found at Sam’s 10.26.15

I have not been to Sam’s in forever. Caleb and I went on Friday, but I misjudged my timeframe and by the time weView full post »

Entertaining and Dinner Parties: The Witch’s Brunch 2015

After my 36 hour stint in San Francisco last week, it has literally taken me until now to get caught up and back to theView full post »


I know not everyone is a born hostess or adores entertaining, but opening your home to family and friends is wayView full post »

mas marsala, please

Last week I mentioned to you in my Fall Fashion Favorites Post, that you MUST have Marsala everything for theView full post »

Can you handle it?

My mom sent this devotion to me two months ago where it was immediately buried amongst 804 other emails. She askedView full post »

Entertaining and Dinnerparties: A Bumble Bee Picnic

In the Spring when Sadie visited her childhood friend in Indiana, I immediately began receiving text messages withView full post »

Sharla Bush: Ultimate Style

When I was five years old, Sharla Bush spotted my long, blonde hair and smocked dress at church one Sunday andView full post »

South Padre Island

If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (hint hint) you probably saw last week I was vacationing with myView full post »

summer vacation packing

We leave tomorrow for a week in South Padre, and the packing process can be a bit overwhelming whenView full post »

happy bday taolb

Did you guys realize one year ago today was the launch of The Art of Living Beautifully? I posted two recipes forView full post »

Dining Alfresco

As most of you know, my family and I moved to a new home last Summer, and I’ll never forget the first time weView full post »

Susan Posnick Cosmetics

Can I tell you how excited I am to share this story with you?! Susan Posnick developed her mineral cosmetic line inView full post »

the random Friday post

Good morning! Today’s post is kind of random because I have lots of random things left to tell you, and not manyView full post »

a tea party!

As I mentioned in my April Newsletter, this month’s tablescape was dedicated to a Tea Party at Sadie’sView full post »

A Spring Front Door

How does Southern Living always make the front doors on their magazine covers look so charming and put together? MostView full post »

The Impromptu Saturday Post: Texas Tulips

Hey guys! You may find it strange to hear from me on a Saturday seeing as how we really have more of aView full post »

The Entryway

I am one of those people who really enjoys change. Brian is the complete opposite…change is the best way to evokeView full post »

Easter Tablescape

Hello everyone! Forgive me for getting this post to you a bit late. We were in Austin visiting my brother’sView full post »

Perfume Collector

You see, nothing is more immediate, more complete than the sense of smell. In an instant, it has the power to transportView full post »

Makeup Brush Cleaner

So, I’ve not really spoken about this before, but I have to tell you something…I am a littleView full post »

A Valentine Dinner for Two

I have shown you my kitchen and dining tables set for Thanksgiving Brunch and Christmas Dinner, but this time around, IView full post »

Las Vegas Part Deux

I intended to get this published last week while we were still in Las Vegas, but I’ll be honest…IView full post »

The Not So Impromptu Weekend Getaway

Greetings from Fabulous Las Vegas!! Back in October, Brian and I decided we needed a little getaway and knew it wasView full post »

christmas tablescapes

My family moved to a new home in the Summer which means I could really get inspired to try new things whenView full post »

the rare sunday evening post

I first want to thank all of you for staying with me through the weekend, and on Facebook, and on Pinterest, and onView full post »

The Rare Saturday Post

Happy Saturday everyone! Just a quick post to tell you a few things… 1.) Shanna Mankin you are the next winner ofView full post »

cool stuff I found at Sam’s: Entertaining Edition

If you are planning on celebrating Christmas Griswold-style this year with every family member for miles attending, youView full post »

The Art of Living Beautifully’s Holiday Gift Guide

IT’S CHRISTMAS TIME! And it’s time to get moving on your Christmas Shopping! Below are my FavoriteView full post »

Keep Calm and Love Free Stuff

Last month I was so consumed with Thanksgiving Brunch, I completely forgot to do our Sharla’s Skincare GiveawayView full post »

Christmas Essence

When it comes to deciding what to give our couple friends or even my girlfriends for Christmas each year, I sometimesView full post »

The Art of Living Beautifully’s Thanksgiving Brunch

When I decided to start The Art of Living Beautifully back in April, I knew I wanted to write about a ThanksgivingView full post »

Pumpkin Sausage Balls

Serving Sausage Balls for brunch is a Southern staple most of us have enjoyed at a wedding or baby shower at some timeView full post »

mini fruit salad cornucopias with yogurt cinnamon dressing

While trolling through Pinterest the other night, I came across a picture of fruit salad served in waffle cones toView full post »

Hard Boiled Egg Brunch

Hard Boiled Egg Brunch–which we lovingly refer to as Canadian Gravy–has become as equally an importantView full post »

Chilled Spice Tea

One of my favorite delicious Fall drinks of the virgin variety is Neiman Marcus Spice Tea. I served it at myView full post »

Sage Advice

If your families are anything like mine, we begin our Thanksgiving celebration early in the day. The bar is usuallyView full post »

cool stuff i found at sam’s, Christmas edition

I found myself at Sam’s last weekend and have loads more cool stuff to show you from our favorite retail club. IfView full post »

an angel is coming to town!

Hello everyone! This weekend, one of my most favorite artists, Anne Neilson is coming to McKinney for a book signing. IView full post »

keep calm and love free stuff

Hello! This little sickie has made it difficult to write over the past few days, so today my words are few, butView full post »

cool stuff i found at sam’s

Hey guys-I’m so sorry I did it again. I sent you an unfinished piece a day early. #publishvspreviewproblems LastView full post »

witch’s brunch

This past Saturday, I hosted my annual Witch’s Brunch for all my best girlfriends. I began doing this four yearsView full post »


Airport nail tech A 4:30 alarm on Thursday morning took me through the motions of shower, dressed, out the door and toView full post »

Guest Blogger-Patrizia Montanari

One month prior to launching this site, I decided to use a little bribery as a way to increase subscribers. My first ofView full post »


MY DEAR FRIEND, Alli, fell in love with Napa Valley on her first trip there in 2005. She loves it for the same reasonsView full post »

Backyard Wedding

When my Aunt LuAlice consented to marry her long time beau, Armand, it seemed only fitting that she would wed in myView full post »


ITS STRANGE TO ME that the first time I attended the symphony was this past May. I love music and love gettingView full post »

Lavender Ridge Farm

DOWN A DUSTY COUNTY ROAD 8 miles east of Gainesville lies Lavender Ridge Farms, a 150 year old farm that growsView full post »