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From the desk of Lauren Palmer

“I’ve always wanted to create something that has meaning,” Debbie Yarborough somewhat shyly confessed to me while we sat and talked over café au laits at Layered on the downtown square. “Prior to this, my message has always been there is only 1 good and sustainable Father. But now, I think I can expand on that to a deeper level.” The this that she is referring to is In His Arms for Her, Debbie’s new luxury shirting company that was inspired both by love and tragedy. Debbie is adamant that each step of the way was made possible by the Lord, making the story of In His Arms for Her inspirational, touching, and the ultimate testament of God’s faithfulness during the hardest times of life.

A four-year season of family tragedy and heartache led Debbie to seek refuge in her faith unlike ever before. Each night while lying in bed after yet another emotionally exhausting day, the old habit of sleeping in her husband’s retired work shirts combined with the comforting weight of the Holy Spirit’s presence provided Debbie with rare moments of true peace. She drew strength from this time each day and considered them moments of protective covering. An idea began to form (an idea she believes came from the Lord) to create a very special kind of sleepshirt for women. The design would be inspired by men’s shirts, but with feminine flare. The result is a sleepshirt for women that reminds us we are always in His arms.

Debbie began saving money and researching the bespoke shirting industry. She facetimed with her daughter, Megan, who had studied art, and during their chat, Megan was able to sketch the shirt Debbie envisioned. In the spring of 2017, when she was ready to take In His Arms for Her from dream to reality, some unexpected, expensive dental work drained all the money Debbie had saved for her venture. “Well, maybe next year,” she thought to herself. Exactly one year later, when Debbie read Awaken Sleeping Beauty by Judy Pogue (remember I reviewed it here and here), she felt the Lord call her to wake up and start doing what He had planted in her heart all those years ago.

Her daughters Allison, Jordan, and Megan rallied around their mother in love and support. A tenured, Dallas-based, custom shirtmaker was able to make a pattern using Megan’s original sketch. This creation became Debbie’s first product: Le Chemise, a luxury men’s-inspired shirt, oversized for comfort, and designed to be worn either for sleeping or styled to wear during the day. Each shirt is hand cut and handmade. Customers can select either French Oxford Cotton or Sea Island Cotton from North Carolina. The unrolled French cuff is fastened with signature gold European cast buttons that resist tarnishing and chipping. Small ceramic buttons line the shirt front and – although these shirts are certainly luxurious – dry cleaning is NOT required. Launder and iron as needed!

Friends, one of Debbie’s shirts should be on EVERYBODY’S wish list this year. Le Chemise takes 4-6 weeks to be made and is available in three sizes: “for small”, “for most”, and “for roomy”. Christmas orders must be received BY NOVEMBER 16 to ensure delivery by December 25th. Visit her website or email Debbie directly at Complete custom tailoring and monogramming are available for an additional charge.

How beautiful are these cookies Say Anything Bakery made for Debbie’s launch party!?

Debbie’s lifelong desire to create something with meaning combined with the Lord’s providence and faithfulness has manifested itself in these beautiful custom shirts. Slip yours on and Embrace Grace. Be reminded The Eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms. (Deuteronomy 33:27)

To learn more about Lauren and The Art of Living Beautifully, please visit our ‘about’ page.

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