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From the desk of Lauren Palmer

Well good evening friends. I know it has been a while since you’ve heard from me (July 23rd was my last post!) but end of summer travel and lazy days kept me off the computer, and I have to say it felt wonderful.

The boys and me in Padre last week!

Don’t think we haven’t been busy, though! The September magazine is being built as we speak and I cannot wait for you to see the finished product. Plus, I have so much crazy fun stuff planned for you this fall that I’ll be announcing next week! Stay tuned.

iPhone pic from our sept magazine photoshoot.

So today, I have a few random things to tell you that I’ve been thinking about over the past month since my last post.

First, to make life easier, I bought these little hanging shelves  to store the boys’ sports uniforms and practice gear. For whatever reason, as soon as they leave the safety of the laundry room and are put away in their drawers, things get lost. “I can’t find my shin guards. Where is my other soccer sock? Where are my green uniform shorts? Where are my white uniform shorts?” It is a constant pain point keeping up with uniforms, so now they don’t leave the laundry room. They go directly in these little hanging shelves/drawers as soon as they are washed, and so far getting ready for games and practices has been so much easier. I bought these shelves and the drawers from Target. You can order them through the link, or just run over there and grab some.

Hanging 3-shelf | Hanging 6-shelf | 2 pack of drawers

Also-I’m sure you have already bought stuff for the kids school lunches, but I wanted to tell you I love these Japanese Bento Boxes you can get at Ettiene Market. Brian and I did the math last year and realized we were using at least 16 Ziplock bags each week in the boys’ lunches, therefore creating so much extra trash. These bento boxes were the answer and Coryanne has them downtown at her wonderful kitchen store. Go grab a few!

A few weeks ago, I took the boys to Buccee’s (it is a giant gas station that has all this random merchandise) and I saw these Saved by the Bell clothes and had to take a few pictures. Aren’t they so funny? Saved by the Bell was a staple for me growing up in junior high and high school…I’ve seen every episode a thousand times, so I loved seeing these super ugly, super humorous shirts.

Oh-on our way to Flagstaff earlier this summer, we were at the Dunkin’ Donuts at Dallas Love Field and I saw their new coffee station. It’s not self serve, but after seeing it I kind of wish it was. Doesn’t it look nifty? Coffee on tap!

Okay-that was a lot of random, but wanted to stop in and say Hi and that I’ve missed you. Our September magazine ships out in a few weeks. If you don’t currently have a printed subscription, CLICK HERE. For $19.50 you will receive the last two magazines of 2019: September and November. Friends, I’m serious. I am so insanely proud of The Art of Living Magazine and produced it for each one of you. I hope you will order a printed copy and feel blessed by it! And as odd as this sounds, I hope you feel loved by it. 🙂

To learn more about Lauren and The Art of Living Beautifully, please visit our ‘about’ page.

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