Love truckers know how to snag a deal and they do it better than anyone out there! Love truckers know that the rules of dating don’t apply in the love truckers’ world. Sure, they’re trucking tough and rough, but when it comes to dating tough-looking women, those tactics just don’t work. You need to get past that ‘look is all you got’ mentality. In this article, I’ll show you how to approach trucking dating and how other truckers can help you with dating.

love truckers

Firstly, you need to understand that truckers are used to being in tough situations. Being a trucker isn’t all fun and games: there’s always work involved. So, when you’re looking for a woman to date, approach her with confidence and don’t let her believe that you’re after her because of her physical qualities. She’ll appreciate that you’re a solid guy and she’ll see that you’ve got guts and a winning personality.

Secondly, approach a woman with respect. This is the same way you’d approach a man you’re interested in. That doesn’t mean you should be rude or abusive towards a woman you’re just dating. However, you should treat her with respect and take care of her the same as you would a female friend or co-worker.

Lastly, truckers understand the concept of ‘no touch’ rule. This is a dating ploy that many women use against men who are crazy about them. Women will try to touch you, even if you’re not ready for a relationship yet. If a woman tries to touch you when you’re not ready to take the relationship to the next level, you’re leaving yourself open to the possibility of being hurt.

When it comes to women, you can’t afford to be cocky or arrogant. Being cocky will only turn women off and will leave you open to being rejected. On the other hand, being too self-confident could get in your way if you start over-acting or coming on too strong. If you’re a little bit shy, approach women who are more outgoing and you’ll have no problem picking up the women.

So now you know how to attract the love of a woman you’re interested in dating! It’s important to be self-confident and a little bit humble; both qualities that will help you attract women easily. If you can do these three things, you’ll have no trouble finding love with a love truckers.

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