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Next week, McKinney will become the proud home to our newest automotive repair center, Honest-1 Auto Care. I met with co-owner Blake Sellers and store manager Brandon Gabel to learn more about their operation and what makes Honest-1 different from others of its kind. The more I learned, the more excited I became to give this business my business. Where else can you find an automotive care center known as the leader in providing a new car dealership level of service that also maintains a focus on the personalized experience and pricing found in a local mom-and-pop store?

Honesty and Integrity

Honest-1 Auto Care differentiates itself from other auto care centers in our community through several key elements – the first being to consistently operate under the principles of honesty and integrity. Did you know each vehicle brought to Honest-1 undergoes a free, comprehensive vehicle inspection performed by an ASE Certified Technician? Friends, I am not someone who claims to know anything about cars, so I am pleased to discover Honest-1 takes the guesswork out of understanding the results of the inspection. The results are communicated via text or email with a color – red, yellow, or green – assigned to each item inspected. Green indicates the item is okay. Yellow indicates a repair or maintenance is recommended. If something is in urgent need of attention due to safety concerns or the potential for untimely vehicle breakdown, the item is coded red. Honest-1 has taken care to make the process transparent and user-friendly for all customers.

Honest-1 Auto Care owners Blake Sellers and John Gutierrez

Inspection results may also include photos, videos, or animations related to the item in question. I know this practice will prove so helpful for those of us who aren’t very knowledgeable about auto repairs. Furthermore, this system makes it simple to forward the entire report to anyone we know and trust for additional advice. It is this kind of transparency that yields the integrity Honest-1 strives for. When customers are made fully aware of their options, Honest-1 believes they can more confidently make a fully informed decision about any maintenance or repair recommendations that have been identified. This completely eliminates the feeling of ignorance a customer might have regarding decisions about car repair and maintenance. “For most people, taking care of your vehicle regularly should be like going to the dentist,” co-owner Blake Sellers states. “If you go for regular check-ups every four to six months and follow the maintenance procedures recommended by your dentist, you will hopefully avoid the need for any major procedures.”


Because of my lack of knowledge about car maintenance, I typically hand the task of car repairs over to Brian. Now that I know about Honest-1 and how important honesty and integrity are to their business, I believe I can more confidently handle situations involving my car. For more information about Honest-1 Auto Care, please visit their website. You can also find them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, or stop by their new facility located at 2771 Virginia Parkway in McKinney.

Thank you Honest-1 Auto Care for sponsoring this post.

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