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Good morning McKinney and happy Monday to you!
Today I want to visit about Holiday cards. Has anyone else noticed what an enormous ‘ordeal’ Christmas cards are these days? Seriously, my family has new professional family portraits taken every. single. year. and then I send out hundreds to ‘close’ friends and family. Don’t get me wrong, I really do love the tradition, and seeing what beautiful images local photographers create, but am I the only one somewhat worried where all these portraits will go after 18 years? Am I the only one who is fearful of running out of wall space?
When I was a child, Christmas cards at the Long house consisted of my mother asking a neighbor to come over and take a pic (probably on the staircase or in front of the fireplace) with our family camera; it was one that actually required film. We would cull through the 1 hour prints, find the best one and mom would have a few cards made at Eckerd’s (remember Eckerd’s!?) to send to maybe 50 families. My, how times have changed.
If you are ready for a break from your Christmas card norm, may I introduce you to Carol Sullivan of CW Designs.
Carol’s studio is located in downtown McKinney at Studio 222 behind the Bay Willow storefront.
Remember this map from the first issue of TAOLB Magazine? Carol designed it!
Although Carol is known as The Map Chick, she designs all sorts of cool, out-of-the-box graphics, Christmas cards included! Below are a few examples of the cards she is designing this Christmas and is totally ready to take your order! If you would love to send a card, but waited too late to book your photographer, have kids moaning about wearing coordinating outfits, or in general just don’t have time to mess with it, please give Carol a call. She can design a custom card completely reflective of your family and style. When I am working with a vendor, the MOST IMPORTANT QUALITY I look for is whether or not they will meet deadlines. Can I tell you Carol is incredibly professional. She sets realistic expectations up front and follows through with those.
cws_designs_mckinney_tx  cws_designs_mckinney_tx    cws_designs_mckinney_tx  cws_designs_mckinney_tx
Here is a quick note from Carol…
CW Designs began in 2008 when I created a wedding map for my best friend’s wedding. She was looking to include an accommodation card in her wedding suite when I came up with the idea. There were other simple map companies at the time, but nothing that looks like the maps today. My husband joined the company full time in 2014, so now we are truly a family business; we all chip in! Funny thing is that it wasn’t until a few years ago when my husband and I were talking, Why maps? How did this happen? It dawned on me, that as a little girl, I was always in the back seat with a Rand McNally Atlas guiding the family as we drove around America (my mom is a native of Scotland) exploring natural wonders and historic landmarks. Really, my business was formed in the mid 80’s! 🙂 I really am blessed to do what I love and I try to put a little of that love in every design that I do.
 ~ Carol Sullivan
Stop in Studio 222 and visit with Carol, visit her Etsy Shop or reach out directly by emailing
her at

photo credit: Emily Megan Photography

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