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Happy June, everybody! Typically on the first day of the month I send you a newsletter about what to expect from TAOLB in the coming month. Well the dudes are out of school now so blogging may be a bit…inconsistent over the next month or two. Today, instead of a newsletter, I want to tell you a little bit about my other “job”…with Stella and Dot.



Last month I was invited to attend an Emerging Leaders Retreat in Galveston at the beach home of our Diamond Director, Tysh Mefferd. Technically, I think she is my boss’s boss’s boss’s boss…I think. Anyway, during a lunch break I was able to speak with Tysh for a few minutes about TAOLB and she encouraged me to share my Stella and Dot experience with my readers. So here we go. I know this blog is a bit wordy, but I’ve added a few pictures to those of you who prefer them to words. Ahem Dawn Stacy and Courtney Burkholder. 😉


with Amanda on the plane to the Emerging Leaders Retreat. Not bad for 6 AM?


Stella girls!


with Tysh Mefferd


As many of you know, I signed on to be a Stylist at the end of January. Amanda had asked me to become a Stylist for FOUR years and I turned her down every time. Honestly, I wasn’t sure how I felt about being a part of a direct-sales “thing.” I never wanted to be thought of as pushy or “that crazy jewelry lady”–although I never thought of Amanda that way–and I didn’t want to have minimum sales requirements or get into trouble if I had a busy month and didn’t have the time to devote business. I had an enormous complex in my head about what signing on meant. It would mean humbling myself and having to ask people for their business.

Finally, over lunch in mid-January, I confided in Amanda of my worry that TAOLB wasn’t profitable. Brian had given me a small loan to “get started” last April and I had used almost all of that money. She offered the Stella and Dot opportunity to me again, and this time I truly thought about it when I returned home, and was even lead to a Bible verse that really spoke to me. Are not all angels ministering spirits meant to serve those who will inherit salvation? Hebrews 1:14 I ended up signing up a few days later and have thought of Amanda as an angel sent to send me this opportunity ever since.

I love the Stella and Dot Mission Statement.

My reason for joining was completely monetary although you know how much I love fashion and styling!! The benefits, however, have far surpassed a simple paycheck. Yes, I am able to pay for my blog expenses with the money I make. Along with that bit of financial freedom I have also met some incredibly inspiring women, been promoted, and created a team of three incredible women. Daily I am provided massive amounts support not only by my team but from our Home Office as well. In July, I’m attending HOOPLA in Las Vegas where I will have the opportunity to hear Jessica Herrin speak about her journey to become CEO of this Fortune 500 company, and will attend a Fashion Show to preview the new Fall Collection. The excitement I’m feeling about this trip is INDESCRIBABLE!



If you or someone you know is looking for an OPPORTUNITY FOR FABULOUS, please email me with any questions you might have! It would be my pleasure to speak with you about how becoming a Stylist could greatly impact your life and the lives of your family. Plus, this month we are having a SIGN UP SPECIAL! New Stylists who sell $1000 in their first 30 days will receive their $199 initial investment back. Plus you receive $350 in free jewelry to use as your samples. They were running this same special when I signed up in January. I thought to myself, “there really isn’t a reason why I shouldn’t try this!”


If now isn’t a good time to become a Stylist, maybe you would want to host a Trunk Show. Just a few girlfriends, a bottle of wine and some Stella and Dot. Plus, in the month of June, all Trunk Show Hostesses receive an additional $50 in FREE JEWELRY!


And just because I know you will love this, here is a little preview of something fabulous coming soon!!


Have a wonderful June, friends. Again, please email me with any questions about becoming a Stylist or Hosting a Trunk Show. [ ] Stella and Dot is looking for Leaders, and I promise it can and will be an excellent fit for your life. 🙂

-ciao for now-


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