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This ‘mixture of ingredients’ is so simple, I hesitate to even call it a recipe. I found the idea for a Halloween Snack Mix on Pinterest as something to take to James and Caleb’s Halloween parties at school. They were able to help make it, and it ended up being a great combination of sweet and salty. You can get creative with the ingredients, but definitely use Snyder’s Butter Pretzels. Your mix won’t last long with those included! 🙂

snack mix


1 13.7 oz box Cheez-its

1/3 of 12 oz box plain Cheerios

1 pound bag Snyder’s Butter Pretzel Squares

1 9.9 oz bag Halloween-colored M&Ms

1 22 oz bag Candy Corn Pumpkins

*Pour everything in a big bowl and mix well. Serve in bowl with a large scoop and treat bags for kids (and adults!) to help themselves.

-ciao for now-


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