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Mimi sitting on the front porch of the Drummond House, her childhood home in Mt. Vernon, Texas.


The following is an excerpt from one of my maternal grandmother’s many journals. Though it was written in May 1994, it wasn’t found until her death fifteen years later; and a printed version now hangs on the walls of many of my relatives’ homes, mine included. My grandmother was completely blind for the last twenty years of her life, but lived alone in the same house in East Texas where my mother was raised for the majority of that time. The lack of sight never stopped her…from anything.

Here Mimi speaks of her love of Spring time. On this first day of Spring, I want to encourage us all to look around at what the Lord has created and let the blessing of simplicity resonate. Forget cars and houses and vacations and taxes and clothes and stuff for a few minutes and walk outside, wherever you are. Whether you hear birds or rain, feel sunshine or a chilly breeze, know that all these things are proof of our Creator’s existence. Close your eyes and experience the joy that my Mimi felt with this morning ritual…and don’t forget a cup of hot coffee.


What a wonderful time of the year Spring is. True, we have lots of rain and some cool weather, but it is still my favorite time of the year. It is so good to sit on the back steps at 6:30 AM with a cup of hot coffee and a cool breeze brushing my face. The baby birds are talking to their mother and the mothers are speaking in such a soothing voice; and off in the distance a mourning dove calls its mate, begging him to come home. He answers but doesn’t come, for she keeps calling. Poor bird! Some walkers pass by and call to me and about that time the wind blows the scent of the honeysuckle and magnolia my way. Though I cannot see God’s beautiful world, I have felt it, heard it, and smelled it. I am blessed and at complete peace with myself. Soon I shall join my Heavenly Father and loved ones, but I believe my spirit will often float around this backyard and think how good it was to sit here with a cup of coffee and praise The Lord.

                                                                                                                                                                                        -Martha Lois Drummond Perkins

Brian and me having dinner with Mimi in the Fall of 2008

three generations: Sadie, Mimi and me


-ciao for now-

Lauren and Mimi

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