Girls Numbers Online – What You Should Know


A couple of years back, when I started going on blind dates, many friends told me that they were finding it tough to find a decent girl. They all complained about the lack of good women online and how difficult it was to find one who would put in an honest effort for getting into a relationship. It’s not that they were desperate or needy; it was just that they wanted to find someone who would share their interests and be a true companion.

However, I found strange was the fact that no one ever spoke about men online being in want of companionship. This is quite ironic because we do hear many people complaining about the lack of decent men. So, I had to ask myself, why are there so many more women online than men?

I think we all know the answer. Today, it’s easier and safer for many girls to find a guy on online dating sites rather than in person. They don’t have to keep looking around. Instead, they can sit at home and browse through hundreds of profiles in the comfort of their living room. They can pick out a guy who’s their type and contact him directly – all without ever having to leave home!

While some girls are lucky enough to find a decent man with whom they could have an exciting relationship, I know many others who are stuck in the same lonely cycle of meeting one loser after another. And it’s not their fault; most of them are decent girls who want to find a good man.

So, where are all the decent guys? If you ask your friends on Facebook, they’ll probably tell you that there aren’t any because all the confident men are already taken. That, however, is just another way of saying, “I can’t find one”. The truth is that there are plenty of decent men on online dating sites; you have to know where to find them.

But if all the confident guys are already taken, how do I land a good man? How do I get closer to the men I’m interested in? If you have been trying everything to get a man’s attention but still can’t seem to find one, then keep reading because here are five great ways of meeting decent guys online.


1. Don’t worry about femininity or appearance

If you judge yourself based on how you look and speak, it will be challenging for any decent man to initiate a conversation with you. You see, the key to meeting good men is to forget about what other people think and focus on yourself. Don’t worry about being feminine or attractive because these things count for nothing when it comes to the natural attraction at the end of the day.

2. Be funny and curious instead of looking desperate

If you want to get the attention of decent guys online, then you must avoid being needy or desperate. Instead, be creative! Find a way to make fun of yourself now and then; it’ll make you endearing and exciting. And when you’re curious, it’s easier to make a connection with other people without sounding desperate.

3. Monitor your body language

This is very important because most decent men check out women’s profiles before contacting them. Many of us (men) scroll through the girls’ pictures and then forget about them until we see them again. This is why you need to make sure that you are sending the correct body signals for the company; it will help attract decent men in your direction!

4. Try and be a mystery

Another thing that many decent guys look out for when meeting women online is a mystery. In short, they want someone who’s not too available or easy to get. Therefore, try and keep your contact details as secret as possible; it will open the way for you to meet more decent guys online!

5. Don’t be afraid of criticism or rejection



Yes, getting rejected by decent men can be hurtful because we want to believe everyone is interested in us. But the truth is that not everyone will like you, and that’s a fact you have to accept if you want to meet decent men. Therefore, don’t be afraid of being rejected; instead, use it as an opportunity to learn more about yourself. After all, this way, you’ll know which direction to go in when meeting other guys online.

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