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Hello McKinney!

I come to you this morning with an invitation to a little event I’m hosting…something we could all use this time of year…something known as

Girl’s Night Out.


That’s right! On November 8th The Art of Living Beautifully is hosting Girl’s Night Out at The Moviehouse and Eatery right here in McKinney for a screening of A Bad Mom’s Christmas! Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn star as three under-appreciated and over- burdened women as they rebel against the challenges and expectations of the Super Bowl for moms: Christmas. Things get crazier when their own mothers show up for the holidays played by Susan Sarandon, Cheryl Hines and Christine Baranski.

Did you ever see the first one, Bad Moms??  Yes, it was a bit “off color” (like The Hangover movies) but COMPLETELY HYSTERICAL…and I believe we can expect just as many laughs from it’s holiday themed sequel. If you are ready for a fun night with your closest besties, you definitely need to join us at the Moviehouse and Eatery on November 8th. I imagine all of you are huge fans of Moviehouse, but if you have never seen a movie at one of their theaters, friends, you are in for a treat!

Let me brag on Moviehouse and Eatery for a moment…


First, every single chair is actually a plush recliner, so the moment you sit down for the film you are literally in the lap of luxury.


The Moviehouse Scratch Kitchen makes a LARGE VARIETY OF FOOD, which happens to be delicious! Honestly, forget the days of going to the movies with only a hot dog and giant pickle to choose from. The Moviehouse serves dishes such as the Smoked Avocado Salad, Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza and Loaded Tater Tots! Plus many of the items on the menu are Vegetarian and Gluten Free! Traditional favorites like buttered popcorn and various candy is also available.

moviehouse_eatery_mckinney_texas_girls_night_out  moviehouse_eatery_mckinney_texas_girls_night_out

The Moviehouse and Eatery has a full bar and can basically make any cocktail you desire! M&E is serving a specialty cocktail for us on Girl’s Night Out! Make sure you follow me on Instagram to see what it is! The movie studio that produced A Bad Mom’s Christmas has even sent Bad Moms wine glasses to use during our event and for a giveaway! Along with cocktails, wine, beer, and soft drinks are also available for purchase.


Speaking of giveaways, that evening we will also be giving away a few movie tickets and some of the Bad Moms Christmas wine glasses prior to the film. The movie begins at 6:30, but please join us at 6:00 to get food and drinks ordered and to participate in the giveaways.

Friends I am so excited to see everyone on November 8th. I hope you will grab your besties and join us. Follow this link to purchase your tickets and choose which recliner you want.

You can find Moviehouse and Eatery on




purchase tickets here



PS. This movie is rated R, so I imagine it’s not the place for you and your pre-teen daughter to have a night out together. You can watch the trailer by clicking this link. 🙂

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