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From the garden of Beth DiGioia, Garden Coach at L3H2, Inc.

GROW: Plant oxalis bulbs in the early spring 1” deep, 6” apart in well drained soil. Foliage will emerge in 6 weeks and bloom in 8-10 weeks. They enjoy partial shade and plenty of compost.
KNOW: Don’t be surprised when your plants disappear during the heat of the summer. They go into dormancy until the cooler temperatures of fall. I have found that Pink Wood Sorrel will remain evergreen throughout the winter, but the White and Purple Shamrocks die to the ground.
SHOW: Flowers are dainty, trumpet-shaped and form in clusters that grow on top of bare stems and rise above the foliage. Flower colors differ by variety and include shocking pink, white or yellow. Oxalis makes a beautiful edging plant, or planted to form a winding ribbon through the garden. It is also easily grow in containers, providing the “filler” in the composition.

For more information about Oxalis, visit Beth’s blog for an expanded article.

For more information about gardening, visit our McKinney Gardens page or check out Beth’s website

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